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...that we produce high quality saddle-stitched or glue-bound brochures as well as hardcover books and albums, using unique surface treatment procedures and cutting-edge finishing technology?

...that our packaging material manufacturing department provides comprehensive services from design to execution and nearly all work processes are carried out in our print shop?

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    Greetings from the Keskeny Print House

    Introducing Hungary’s state-of-the art printing and packaging material manufacturing operation.

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    Professional Printing

    With our special printing technologies, we magically transform your printing materials into unique items.

  • We prepare the perfect packaging for your product.

    Do your products require special packaging material? We offer full customised service from design to execution.

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    Rigid Box

    Luxury packaging, unique constructions for packaging high-end products.

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    Creative packaging

    Is traditional boring? Innovative packaging solutions for the promotion of your products.


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Cutting edge technologies
Color management
Color management is a system that is able to implement accurately calculated colors.
UV printing and varnishing
With our UV printing and varnishing technology nothing can stop us.
Box gluing
Our printhouse works with the best gluing machines available in Hungary enabling us to provide unparalleled products.
Scented varnish
Scented varnishes make the pictures on the print feel like if they were real.
Cold foil
The glossy metallic surfaces please the eye, and suggest exclusivity and high quality.
This technique is designed to create really unique and special surfaces in an efficient way.


News & Events from the life of the Printhouse. Browse our news here.

New Wave at the Keskeny Print House

July 3, 2017
In the first quarter of 2017, the Bobst Foliostar 165 MATIC the famous Swiss manufacturer’s laminating machine satisfying even the highest demands, was put into operation in our print house. With this state-of-the art equipment, the laminating capacity of the Keskeny Print House reaches a daily 100 000 sheets, enabling us to mount/laminate closed or open waves, binding plates or even two cardboards together.   For what products do we recommend mounting/lamination?     Lamination is the perfect solution for corrugated carton packaging, when stronger support for product safeguarding is required, beyond quality and unique external appearance. We can use corrugated cardboard boxes as perfect solutions for collecting or selling food products, consumer goods, toys, board games, shoes, technical products, in addition to bag-in-boxes for drink and wines bottles, as well as table displays.   What base materials do we use in the manufacturing process?     We use open or closed corrugated sheets, binding plates, but we can also mount two cardboards together. We may employ very thin coating materials (starting at 150 grams) as top layers. In our work, we use the highest quality among the GD liners, the servi liner of 180 and 210 grams – and in the manufacture of very demanding products, even higher quality liners could be used. For special requests, we also guarantee the use of other base materials.   Why choose Keskeny Print House for your products?   Keskeny Print House is famous for its printing quality. If you require such high quality, we can count on us. In addition, our great strength lies in the most diverse surface treatment procedures in order to make our laminations even more unique in case of further processing, the Bobst punching presses operate with great precision, eliminating even minute movements that could possibly occur. All other processing equipment (e.g. the box gluing machine and the window patching machine) allow the manufacture of products of the highest quality for smaller to medium sized quantities, the entire production is in-house, without the involvement of sub-contractors, we are therefore cost-effective and speedy our team of designers is at your disposal. In case of structural design, we offer our usual high standard, professional services     Think about the aspects that are important in your choice of ideal packaging. Feel free to contact us in person or in writing at the addresses listed below. Richárd Győri Tel: +36 1 401 4076 E-mail: r.gyori@keskeny.hu

Creative Packaging

June 23, 2017
Do you require creative packaging that is different from the traditional? You can find it with us! Keskeny Printer House, as an authorised partner of Burgopak™ Patented Packaging, offers exciting, creative alternatives to the habitual cardboard boxes. Inspect the various boxes and cases and play with the thought of hiding your product in such a creative packaging.   From our offers   1. The small card package may be used for the following: Gift cards, Booklets, Invitations, Advertising materials, SIM cards 4. The standing card package may be used for the following: Gift cards, Bank cards, SIM cards 6. The high-end products package may be used for the following: Gift cards, Booklets, Memory sticks, SIM cards, Products 7. Disc package may be used for the following: CD/DVDs 9. Cabrio package may be used for the following: Gift cards, Bank cards, Booklets, Tickets Take a look at our additional creative packaging ideas: Continue to creative packagings Choose from our offers the constructions that best suit your needs and our co-workers shall contact you and send you a sample, so that you may verify whether the packaging is the ideal one for you. In addition to the standard dimensions, we offer creative solutions for practically every product. Continue to request for a quote and request for a sample

A small quantity in good quality!

May 26, 2017
We have been receiving more and more inquiries from our clients concerning small-series boxes and flyers. In response to the needs of our clients, Keskeny Printhouse has invested in a Heidelberg Versafire CV digital printing press. Our aim with this investment is to continue to offer competitive prices to our clients even if they order small series.   Thanks to the digital technology, the printing costs remain reasonable even when small series are ordered. The digital printing press began its operation at our printing house in January 2017, and by now we have accumulated considerable manufacturing experience with this technology.   A The features of the Heidelberg Versafire CV digital printing press: it is suitable for the production of products ranging from 50-60 g self-copying materials to very thick cardboard boxes even above 300 g printing and varnishing in one go opaque white printing extended size (33-70 cm) it can print changing data What kinds of advantages do these features of the machine offer?   – The extended size is important because from smaller-size boxes, several products can be fitted onto one sheet, or one bigger box, but even an A4-size, 6-page brochure, too. – Varnishing was a crucial criterion for us for our choice of machinery because our goal was to come as close to offset quality as possible. When boxes are produced with the traditional offset method, we always put at least one layer of varnish onto the printed sheet, which provides a uniform protective layer on the print. In the case of the digital printing press, the ink is already very glossy. If we leave the material without surface treatment (varnish), the contrast will be too striking between the ink and the paper in the case of unprinted surfaces. This can be accommodated with the help of varnishing, and the surface will look like a real offset print. – The machine can also cater for the personalization of newsletters, the labelling of boxes and the printing of coupon codes. The aim of the development   With this development, our aim was not to compete with digital printing houses, but rather to remain competitive on the market in the case of orders of relatively small-series marketing material and boxes as well. Send your request for offer today!

Less is more!

May 26, 2017
Extended sheet size, less paper needed, faster processing, perfect print from sheet n. 20. This machine stays 100% true to the idiom: Less is more!   Thanks to its unique qualities, our new Heidelberg Anicolor XL75 6+L-F offset printing machinery stands out among offset machines. The aim of this development was to improve the already superior quality of our services and boost our productivity while reducing our prices.     The main features of the machine: equipped with 6 printing units and dispersion varnish units suitable for cardboard printing; it can print on 0.8 mm-thick, approx. 500 g cardboard thanks to its unique “F” format (extended B2 format), the printable sheet size is 750-600 mm it has a special Anicolor inking unit with numerous advantages   The advantages of the Anicolor inking unit: it can print with very little technical loss, which results in significant quantities of material saved it has excellent colour fastness; there is no colour instability thanks to the operation of this machine; the colour of the sheets remains consistent even in the case of sensitive colours (e.g. 4-colour grey, dark blue shades) there are no problems with the so-called “windowing”, i.e. when a blank part in the middle of a big page on a print appears in another part of the sheet the change of direct colours takes much less time, thus this technology allows us to print direct colour products quickly, efficiently and for a reasonable price   With this development, our aim was also to be able to produce smaller series efficiently. We have experienced a steady decline in the number of specimens. Our new development is an efficient and appropriate response to this trend, also benefitting our clients because we will be able to offer competitive prices even in the case of a low number of specimens. Just to give an example: the production of folders used to be somewhat complicated. It demanded 250-300 sheets of technical loss, and for direct colours, we had to calculate with 40-50 minutes of setting time. With the new machinery, the technical loss has been reduced to 50-70 sheets while the setting takes only 15-20 minutes. For what kinds of products do we recommend this printing machinery?   For flyers, folders, marketing print material and cardboard boxes printed in small series. Send your request for offer today!

NOW without any initial cost!

April 19, 2017
Do you need small quantity of high quality (machine made) top and bottom box? Do you want large varieties of packaging selection? Are the costs and the largest possible savings important for you? Keskeny Printhouse NOW offers 13 different sizes of top and bottom constructions, without having to pay any initial cost (tool costs). Your product will have high quality packaging. You can save considerable amount of money. What does it mean? The production of top and bottom boxes by using the Rigid box machine requires a tool consisting of multiple parts, the cost of which usually shall be borne by the clients. Depending on the size of the box, the cost of this tool may be as high as: EUR 325. So, we would like to help our clients and offer cheaper premium category packagings produced by the new Rigid box machine. NOW we offer these top and bottom boxes in 13 different sizes without having to pay any tooling cost! Which are these 13 sizes? We tried to choose these 13 sizes of packaging to cover the largest range of products. Of course, if you need custom size boxes, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will design the ideal packaging for your product. You can download the standard sizes pdf verison form here Send your request for offer today!

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