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    • Why did I receive an offer for 2 sides when I had requested the product to be printed on one side only?

      The paper sheet to be printed has two sides and the calculation software we use, while referencing to both sides, indicates the unprinted side with “0”. For example, a leaflet to be printed on one side with 4 colors will be indicated as: 4+0.

      Does the offer include delivery?

      Our offers are of „exworks” types, which means that the completed products are handed over at our site. Of course, if preliminary another solution was agreed, we will proceed according to the agreement.

      What shall I do, if the price is acceptable, and I would like to order the work?

      The order form shall be submitted to our colleague responsible for production preparation being in contact with you, or, if it is your first order, than you shall reply to our offer sent by our calculation department.

      The files related to the order shall always be submitted to e-mail address or uploaded to our ftp server. For large files we recommend to use the FTP server or any web-based big file transfer solution. Requests for information about our FTP server can be sent to thee-mail address referred to above.

      I uploaded the files to the FTP but I cannot see them. Why?

      After it has been uploaded only the printhouse can see the file. We receive information about the files and senders.

      Why do I have to consult with several people?

      After an order is received, the product shall pass through several preparatory stages before production and completion. (calculation, preparation for production, packaging design, ctp., printing, die cutting)

      Issues may arise at any stage of the process which can be best resolved by our colleague working in the department concerned, and that is why you may be contacted by a person other than your dedicated contact person. Due to the fact that our colleagues work in multiple shifts, it may also happen that your question sent to us concerning a given issue would be answered by another colleague.

      This enables us to provide high quality and effective production services and helps you to receive relevant, professionnal answers to your questions.

      What is „run-out” and why is it necessary?

      The „run-out” is the part of the graphic design falling outside the net dimension.After printing it helps the product to be cut to size or die cut, because the technology allows a minimum movement of the sheets, and therefore without ”run-out”, a thin white line could appear at the edges of the product.

      If I send a logo and the texts, could you prepare my business card?

      We are working with print-ready files, which means that all files submitted to us must be in PDF format, ready-made for printing, both in terms of dimensions and graphics.

      We have no graphic design studio operating at the printhouse, but we can recommend several partner companies for the preparation of printed materials.

      Why does the offer I received for box preparation include the price for varnishing; I did not request it?

      The packaging materials are exposed to heavy use during processing. (e.g.: die cutting, embossing, window cutting, automated gluing)

      Varnishing provides appropriate protection in order to prevent the print to be mackled or scratched by the machine.

      Why did I receive - to my order relating to a water-white plastic material-based work - a price for 5+0 colors when I requested printing with only 4 colors?

      Offset paints are translucent, and therefore the colors printed on transparent plastic will not cover the surface, they will pale. In order to achieve effective colors printed on white paper, the colors should be overprinted by a layer of opaque white.

      The same applies to printing on silver-foiled sheets. Opaqe white layer should be applied over any parts of the design, where we do not want achieve glossy metallic surface, e.g.: human face, bar code, company logo, etc.

      Why do mounted sheets need to be printed with 4 colors?

      Mounting is usually made manually, and hence marks need to be printed on the backside of the mounted sheet to help precise bonding.

      How do ISBN or ISSN numbers affect the VAT of a product?

      ISBN and ISNN number does not automatically mean that the VAT is 5%.

      In many cases the National Tax and Customs Administration is needed/recommended to be consulted for their opinion regarding the applicable tariff heading.

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