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Tactile three-dimensional effect on the print. Attractive surface, highlighting the most important graphic.
Hybrid UV Drip Off varnish
It is a spectacular combination of glossy and special textured matte surfaces inline with printing.
Unique, silvery, embossed surfaces. Fascinating appearance and tactile details.
Scented varnish
Fascinating fragrance experience on the images. Long-lasting scented printing products.
Cold foil
Silvery surfaces, spectacular printings. Exclusive appearance, quality products.
Metalized foil
Glossy metallic colors, realistic gold and silver surfaces on printed publications. Unique packaging materials.


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Series Part 2 – Connection between basic materials and designs

October 14, 2022
   The size and weight of the product determine the type and thickness of the basic material. In the case of products with larger size and weight, we have to think about using corrugated cardboard or rigid bookbinding board in order to make a firm packaging. For beverage packaging, for example, there is a solution where we design a cardboard box, but to secure the bottle, we make a liner from corrugated cardboard, which protects the product and at the same time stiffens the cardboard box. In terms of designs, the shape and the dimensions may influence the concept. For example, for objects with a large basic area but very low height, decorative packaging will not be aesthetically pleasing if the height of the box is adjusted to the size of the product. By using box fillings, we can achieve a harmonious appearance for the box. In the case of cardboard materials, design options are very diverse, since these papers are easy to shape and there is no real need to make compromises when it comes to surface finishing. When using corrugated cardboard or rigid bookbinding board, the thickness of basic materials limits the shapes that can be created, but visually the end result may be much more exclusive compared to cardboard boxes. If a product packaging is designed for the long term, we can also think about choosing a design that can be renewed and updated in detail without changing the usual form. In the case of packaging bonbons or any other product the parameters of which (flavour, colour, etc.) may change, the best solution is a cover designed for the box which shows all information about the product to be placed in the box. It is easy to replace the cover and place new graphics on it, but the basic box does not change. A non-printed cardboard cover may also fulfil a protective function if, for example, we make an elegant gift box from corrugated cardboard or bookbinding board and we do not want it to be damaged or tainted during storage and transport. During the designing of the box, we must strive for the harmony of the basic material, the product and the design, which is not always easy, because many factors may influence the original concept, but – fortunately – a wide selection of shapes, materials and surface finishes helps to achieve the best solution. A doboz konstrukciókról bővebben honlapunkon is olvashatnak.   Folytatjuk. A következő rész témája: Mit is jelent? Szakszavak a doboz gyártásban. Az első részt és a hozzá tartozó videót ide kattintva tudja megtekinteni. If you have any questions regarding the second topic, please send an email to

7 useful tips for ordering a box

September 12, 2022
Product packaging is a marketing tool: it conveys information about the producer and also advertises the company, therefore, it is of utmost importance to take this into account when choosing a design. A creative and aesthetic box can strengthen the brand name. The first factors that determine the appearance are the size, the shape and the weight of the product. The packaging of a – let’s say – fragile glass drinkware is different from that of a wallet or a piece of clothing, since the latter two do not require extra protection. Size and weight become important factors when determining the basic material. Before designing, the following aspects are worth considering:      1. Who is the target group? Who is the product intended for? The shape and appearance of the box may help attract the target group. The colours and design elements can grab the attention of the preferred age group. (For example, in case of products intended for children, the box can take the shape of a car, house or some other special form). 2. What is the price category of the product which can be emphasised with the packaging? In the case of valuable products, the packaging should be stylish and unique in order for the customer to feel value for money. (For example, a branded watch should preferably come in a gift box with rigid walls, which emphasises elegance and uniqueness.) 3. Where will the product be sold? Will it be sent by mail? In case of brick-and-mortar store sales, it is less important, but if sales are executed through a parcel delivery service, great emphasis must be placed on the design and material of the box. Depending on the product, the packaging may in itself be firm and mailable, or we can create a simple mailing box for the product box thereby protecting it from possible damage during shipping. 4. Is the product fragile or delicate? When the product is fragile, we have to design lining for the box, which prevents it from moving and provides protection against shocks.Choosing the right material here plays a very important role in avoiding damages and breakage. 5. Is it important to show the product through the packaging? Window display boxes may be essential if we talk about products made of aesthetically appealing or special materials. Through the window, the customer can see the material of the product and make sure of its quality. The box may be ordered with a smaller window through which the customer may touch the product but cannot take it out, or it may be ordered with a big window, in which case we have to protect the product by using a window film. 6. Do you want to highlight the product among similar products of the category? Surface finishing (varnishing, hot foil printing, embossing, etc… these will be presented in detail in the series) helps make the packaging of the product unique and special, which makes it stand out from similar product

Responsible forestry for a sustainable future!

February 25, 2022
Do you want your product to reflect your environmentally conscious thinking? Choose our certified products from a responsible forest management!   An independent non-profit organization created by the FSC Forest Stewardship Council, which would require strict rules to obtain privileges to use the FSC trademark.   Companies that use wood-based products can obtain a certificate called the FSC Chain of Custody to verify the traceability of the origin of the wood. An organization certified with the FSC trademark must implement an effective management system and have it certified by an independent certification body. FSC certification is valid for 5 years if regular supervisory audits confirm compliance. The requirements of the FSC standard to cover the entire wood-based product chain: forestry, wood processing, trade of the wood products, the paper and printing industry, and other related trades.     What you need to know about the use of the FSC trademark: Only companies with a valid license agreement and certificate can display the logo (license code and ® or ™ trademark are required, depending on whether the product is intended for the EU or non-EU market) displaying sets strict content and format requirements that can be viewed on the mark may indicate the trade mark right of the packaging or the packaged product, subject to the conditions specified if the customer does not have the right to use the trademark, but produces paper-based packaging the FSC trademark of the manufacturer (in our case Keskeny Printing) can also be used for the product marking the parties must enter into a mutual agreement on the use of the trademark the graphic material containing the trademark must be approved in writing by the customer’s or the manufacturer’s FSC auditor A product can only be considered FSC-certified if the customer indicates his need at the time of ordering. We use FSC-certified raw material for production and the certification is included in the background documentation (material release notes, delivery notes, invoices, etc.) FSC-certified products cannot be manufactured from non-FSC raw materials, so changes are not possible FSC-branded raw material types are available at slightly higher prices and occasionally lead times due to special production and inspection costs.   Why is it worth producing and selling certified products? because it means a clear commitment towards an environmentally conscious thinking provides an indisputable advantage over non-certified products in certain segments of the market Some customers now require the use of it because not only the source but also the recyclability of such products is ensured because it has a brand-building and reputation-building effect   Look up our FSC certified products! If you have a questions get in touch with us ont he following e-mail address e-mail címen.  

Creative surface treatment options

February 17, 2022
The newest printing press of Keskeny Printing could make your most creative and innovative ideas become true. We would like to introduce you some solutions which we would complete with the help of our Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106-7+LYY1+LXUV/VINFOIL machine.      Glossy surfaces and creative varnishes The glossy green surface with a metallic effect is made by the colors printed on the silver-foiled material and the flowers are made of a sealing white colour will shape the egg. The flowers in the background are created by a matte lacquer covering the glossy lacquer applied to the entire surface.   Playing with the hibrid varnish What we are seeing is not just the gloss UV varnish meeting the matte varnish on the paper. It is the uniqueness of the graphic elements and the specialty of the technology is that it creates these unique and special surfaces with the help of varnishes.     The Cold-foils subdued light with an elegant background pattern The bluish-silvery gloss of the butterfly’s wings was achieved with colors printed on cold-foil *,, *, the excessive gloss of which was softened with a matte dispersion varnish. With this, the pattern created from glossy UV varnish in the background with the help of flexo cliche ** prevails better. (*a process in the same pass as the offset printing which will use cold glue to attach a silver or gold like surface) (**it is a special cliché which fits into the varnishing unit with a special surface which contains the gloss UV varnished areas, this cliché is the same size as the printing plate)   Golden surfaces When the colours are not dominating. Provides a sleek and elegant look with gold-colored (cold-foil) highlighted graphics on the black and white image. The specialty of the varnish is that in an unusual way the matte gold-and-white design elements are highlighted with the glossy surface of the background.   Cold-foil on a structured „canvas” How does plain paper turn into an eye-catching, mysteriously shimmering canvas effect painting? The key to the solution our Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106-7 + LYY1 + LXUV / VINFOIL machine. We decorated the images with the help of cold-foil and during the printing process we gave the paper a “canvas” effect by embossing the inline structure *. (*in the same pass as the offset printing, surface treatment with a special tool which is placed in the printing press)   If you want to read an extended description of our new printing machine click here.    

Printing should be CREATION…

February 8, 2022
Forget everything you have ever thought about offset printing!   Discover the latest printing press from Keskeny Printing House, which opens up new perspectives in surface finishing. A Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106-7+LYY1+LXUV/VINFOIL is like a brush in the hands of a painter. We just have to dream what we want on the “canvas”. Unique technology in Europe. Heidelberg has created a printing press specifically for Keskeny Printing House, which is unique in Europe and, thanks to its design, offers the most variable solutions for realizing your graphic designer’s artwork striving for uniqueness and specialty. Uncompromising variations of colors and matte or glossy UV varnishes, complemented by the metallic sheen of the silver foil, offer artistic freedom at the same time as printing, far surpassing previous possibilities. Using cold-foil (silver foil) you can print up to 5 colors at the same time and make the surface special with hybrid varnishing, or choose 6 colors next to cold-foil (silver foil) and make the creative spectacular with full UV varnish (possibly dispersion varnish). The location of the printing and varnishing units also allows the overprinting of already printed and varnished surfaces and the application of a new coat of varnish. For example, it is possible to make the front and back of a cover (Cover 1-4), even with a completely different varnish. The machine also comes with an MFU® (multiple foil use) unit, which helps you use cold-foil (silver foil) as economically as possible by returning the foil back to the press after the first foiling operation, so depending on the graphics, the same roll it can be used up to three times. Optimal use of the film can also create savings up to 85%. If you have the idea, feel free to contact us and we help you figure out how to get the most out of the idea, what “SpeedMASTER” should “paint” on paper. Let’s create something extraordinary together…          

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