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that we are happy to accept all your orders for business cards, letterheaded paper, note pads, flyers, folders, calendars and all other printed stationery products, regardless of the amount?

...that we produce high quality saddle-stitched or glue-bound brochures as well as hardcover books and albums, using unique surface treatment procedures and cutting-edge finishing technology?

...that our packaging material manufacturing department provides comprehensive services from design to execution and nearly all work processes are carried out in our print shop?

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Greetings from the Keskeny Print House

Introducing Hungary’s state-of-the art printing and packaging material manufacturing operation.

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  • Rigid Box

    Luxury packaging, unique constructions for packaging high-end products.

  • We prepare the perfect packaging for your product.

    Do your products require special packaging material? We offer full customised service from design to execution.

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    Corrugating and packing according to individual requirements

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    With our special printing technologies, we magically transform your printing materials into unique items.

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    Is traditional boring? Innovative packaging solutions for the promotion of your products.


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Cutting edge technologies
Tactile three-dimensional effect on the print. Attractive surface, highlighting the most important graphic.
Hybrid UV Drip Off varnish
It is a spectacular combination of glossy and special textured matte surfaces inline with printing.
Unique, silvery, embossed surfaces. Fascinating appearance and tactile details.
Scented varnish
Fascinating fragrance experience on the images. Long-lasting scented printing products.
Cold foil
Silvery surfaces, spectacular printings. Exclusive appearance, quality products.
Metalized foil
Glossy metallic colors, realistic gold and silver surfaces on printed publications. Unique packaging materials.


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December 7, 2019
New color profiles installed in Keskeny Printing House   Following the changes of the international standards Keskeny Printing House has recently installed PSOcoated_V3_FOGRA51 and PSOuncoated_v3_FOGRA52 color profiles in general workflows. The reason was the wide spreading of substrates with higher amount of optical brightener agents. And the result is getting more accurate maching proof prints. The new color profiles are only slightly different from the ISOcoated_v2 (or ISO_Uncoated_ISO12647) color profiles that was used up till now. There is no need to make a new color separation of a previosly processed file. We highly recomend the use of the new color profiles for the new jobs. How to use the color profiles Keskeny Printing House performs the printing and prepress workflows according the current industrial standards as described in ISO 12647-2:2013. The process (CMYK) separation in the printfiles to be submitted should be created by the color profile “PSOcoated_v3.icc” for coated (both glossy and matte) papers and by “PSOuncoated_v3_FOGRA52.icc” for uncoated papers. These profiles are not not found in most of the generally used publishing and picture processing softwares, so please dowload them on the wesite “https://www.eci.org/en/downloads” or form the links below: http://www.eci.org/_media/downloads/icc_profiles_from_eci/pso-coated_v3.zip http://www.eci.org/_media/downloads/icc_profiles_from_eci/pso-uncoated_v3_fogra52.zip


April 4, 2019
Grab the moment! Make your offline marketing materials special!   In today’s online-dominated advertising noise, you may be a breath of fresh air for your potential customers if you promote your company’s services and products through printed brochures, publications and leaflets. When you build new partner contacts, you may often find that a hand-written leaflet, which is “magically” made unique or exclusive through a special surface treatment process, is actually more effective.   The digital 3D UV coating technology allows us to apply a special glossy UV coating of variable thickness to the print, which adds a 3D touchable holographic image to the highlighted surface while the application of golden or silver foil helps us to add a glitter to certain parts of the graphic design. The fascinating and exciting end product will attract eyes like a magnet. According to the research conducted by Joann Peck and Jennifer Wiggins feeling a product with your hands has a significant impact on your emotions toward the particular product, it triggers impulse to buy and builds confidence between buyer and product.   The TACTILE EFFECTS of your product’s packaging can increase sales and contribute to the growth of your brand as well. PRODUCT TOUCH can boost impulse purchases THE SENSATION you feel when you touch a product increases the desire for possession and conveys a more positive image to the customer “The tactile elements of product packaging influence brand image”   Research shows that the longer time customers spend on focusing on a particular product, the more likely they are to become attracted to the item. If your products are visually attractive, customers feel an urge to touch and feel them, and if they can do so, they are more likely to buy them as well. Surveys show that the visual and tactile elements of product packaging can contribute to the overall brand image. Source: Konica Minolta Hungary Business Solutions Ltd. / Joann Peck & Jennifer Wiggins; It Just Feels Good: Customers’ Affective Response to Touch and Its Influence on Persuation; Source: Aradhna Krishna, Luca Cian, Nilüfer Z. Aydınoglu; “Sensory Aspects of package design”; 2017 Learn more about the unique surface treatment options provided by MGI jet varnish processes and choose the procedure best suited to your need and products.   3D UV coating   3D UV coating enables us to create spectacular print surfaces with variable camber heights.   3D UV coating with spot metallized foils   In this case, the golden or silver foil is applied to the surface of the 3D UV coating, adding the image of conventional hot stamping and embossing to the print.   Spot UV   Glossy surfaces on certain spots of the print.   Combined procedures   The various effects can also be combined, which allows us to develop truly exciting and creative surfaces.   How to get a quote The simplest way to get a quote is if you send us the graphic design layout and mark the area you want to highlight with 3D

Digital revolution in Keskeny Printing House

February 18, 2019
We are happy to release the latest news that we have just received our next digital colour press Kodak NexPress S3000, which is a truly innovative solution with exceptional functionality.   As the market leader in offset printing, we were wary of digital printing for quite a while because we were not satisfied with the quality of prints made with digital technology. After we got an insight into the functionality and capabilities of Kodak NexPress S3000 digital printing machine, our opinion changed. The Kodak NexPress S3000 can produce an outstanding print quality, which is almost completely equivalent to the offset, so the machine is a perfect choice for printing high-end publications, photo books and art albums in a low number of copies. The machine has the benefits of both technologies: the power of offset and the flexibility of digital printing, offering perfect image quality for customers and maximal productivity for our team. Who we recommend it to It’s recommended to everyone in need of a perfect print. The magnificent print is made even more exciting with varnish: options include glossy or matte varnish as well as 3D coating with tactile thickness.   What products can be printed with this machine? Due to the wide range of base materials and the top quality print, the portfolio includes: photo books, picture albums, desk and wall calendars, invitation cards, brochures, packaging materials, boxes customized products, paper labels and stickers. Contacts: E-mail: export@keskenyprint.com Phone: +36-1-414-3016

Postal packaging a little differently!

January 21, 2019
We know how important it is for postal packaging to protect the product from any damage. Besides, wrapping and unwrapping should also be made easy. We manufacture high-end postal packaging materials for webshops and online trading companies. The postal packaging is produced with a special mechanized procedure. Applied to the material of the box, the self-seal strip and the tear-off tape allows you to seal and open the package easily. Thanks to the mechanized procedure and the high-quality materials, the sealed packaging keeps your product safe from any damage. The tear-off tape ensures easy access to the content of the box. Please contact our associates for further details on available sizes and other options. On demand, we can also provide individually customized sizes and shapes. TEST OUR SKILLS AND GET A QUOTE TODAY! Contacts: E-mail: export@keskenyprint.com Phone: +36-1-414-3016

Touch and feel the difference!

December 12, 2018
Get a special surface treatment for your prints and grab the attention of your customers! The digital 3D UV technology blends the most exciting conventional finishing processes, produced by one single machine. All you need to do is to select the procedure you prefer to make your publication or packaging more special and we will prepare it with pinpoint precision with the help of our digital coating machine.     OPPORTUNITIES AND BENEFITS 1.) 3D UV coating with low layer thickness (”smooth”) Glossy varnish surface on the print, on smaller graphic design elements or larger areas. It’s more cost-effective than the conventional procedure if the coverage ratio of the surface to be varnished is low; no need to make a screen; the digital 3D UV technology uses extra glossy varnish, which results in an even more spectacular effect; no need to involve subcontractors, we can produce everything locally while constantly monitoring the entire manufacturing process; the digital technology does not require high quantities of sheets for set up.   2.) 3D UV Varnish layers with variable thickness, cambered on the graphic design elements. Variable varnish thickness: we can provide varnish layer thickness from 7 to 232 microns; even if you need 3D UV coating on a thin line or an extended area, the varnish will spread neatly and perfectly on the surface. pinpoint accuracy: Thanks to the technology, the varnish exactly fits the provided graphic design elements, there is no drift or any other inaccuracy, it can even replace embossing, too. There is no cliché cost: unlike in the conventional embossing process, the paper surface remains flat with only the UV coating being cambered, so you don’t need to worry about keeping the graphic design elements away from the cambered surface on the back side of the product: you can fully utilize the entire surface of the paper; you can develop varnish layers with different heights within 1 graphic design.   3.) 3D UV + hot foil stamping Glossy golden or silver cambered surfaces No matter if it’s a very thin line or a larger extended area, we can apply hot foil stamping to any graphic design elements on the print; there’s no need for a cliché, which ensures significant cost saving, especially in the case of larger areas; the combination of hot foil stamping and 3D UV coating results in fine cambered surfaces with a minimum thickness of 29 microns; varnish height can be changed under the foil, so you can apply a combination of hot foil stamping and embossing to your product as well; the procedure results in a surface that is just as glossy and shiny as the product of the conventional hot foil stamping; the foil can be used more economically, the process is less waste-intensive, which is reflected in the price, too.   TEST OUR SKILLS AND GET A QUOTE TODAY! If you have any more questions on the technology or the service, please contact us via the e-mail or mobile phone number below. Contacts:

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