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Unique, silvery, embossed surfaces. Fascinating appearance and tactile details.




  • The UV varnish applied in various thicknesses provides a special visual experience, and renders the printtactile We can feel the texture of a leather bag, the water drop rolling down on the side of the glass becomes almost tangible, or we are able to touch the indentations of a vinyl disc.
  • The printed materials prepared using 3D UV varnish are taken into hands and thumbed through for sure. This way these materials are able to maintain attention for a longer time increasing the number of sales and the amount of profit. 3D UV varnish can be applied on most paper, cardboard and plastic raw materials, whether digital or offset printed.
  • The joint use of 3D UV and foil opens up a new dimension of UV varnishing, which is a digitally created alternative for hot foil stamping and embossing.
  • Hot foil or embossing clichés are not necessary to reach the impressive result, and due to digital technology varnished and hot foiled elements can easily be modified during production.


3d uv lakkos felület


  • Books
  • Invitation cards
  • Greeting cards
  • Packaging materials


  • Applicable in case of small orders, due to digital technology graphic can easily be modified or corrected during printing.
  • The scanner provides very accurate fitting.


  • It is not possible to use open structure, offset-style paper to create 3D effects and apply UV varnishing on it, as the varnish is absorbed by the paper.
  • It’s scrub resistance is the same as that of conventional hot foil stamping, however the surface of the foil might be damaged, as it is slightly emerged from the sheet.


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