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COLD FOIL (cold silver foil)

Silvery surfaces, spectacular printings. Exclusive appearance, quality products.




  • Cold foil creates a silvery surface similar to hot foil stamping, but it offers a lot more possibilities by being an inline process which can be flexibly integrated into printing, making overprinting and coating possible.
  • The opportunities of graphic planning are almost limitless, as cold foil can be applied like a fifth color. We may create different shades of metallic colors on overprinted surfaces, or prepare print patterns, headlines or letters of very fine lines by applying cold foil.
  • The treatment guarantees a perfectly accurate result, as the transparent glue is printed on the design elements to be highlighted using conventional offset plate, on which a layer of silver foil is applied from the second printing unit. After printing the graphic the printing can be varnished on demand.



  • Postcards
  • Brochure covers
  • Posters
  • Packaging materials



  • The treatment can be applied inline with printing, this way it guarantees a quick and accurate result.
  • There is no need for clichés in order to create silvery surfaces, thus in case of an appropriate number of copies the process is cost-effective.


  • Maximum sheet size printable using cold foil: B2 720 x 520 mm.
  • Its use is not recommended on creative, structured surface raw materials, as a rough surface refracts the gloss of the foil.


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