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We are renewing. Inside and outside.

In Autumn 2016 we started area development and construction works and our site will be expanded by 6500m2!

Keskeny Printhouse is developing continuously, its history begun 25 years ago. In the spring of 1987 Árpád Keskeny Sr took over the operation of a loss-making printing trust. The new management, the efficient reorganisation of operation and the hard-working staff driven to do things better helped to make the enterprise successful; and the develeoment is still ongoing!

25 years ago Keskeny Printhouse was only a small company operating in a family house with only few employees. The printhouse moved to its current location (to Rákospalota street, where Árpád Keskeny Sr used to go fishing in his childhood) 12 years ago, since the family house proved to be too small for the successful, expanding enterprise.Or current site is 9000 m2 large and more than 200 people are working there. Development will not stop!

This year another area of 6500 m2 and numerous new workplace will be added.

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