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Cold Foil (cold silver foil), Metalized foil, Embossing, Hot foil stamping

Cold Foil (cold silver foil)

Cold foil creates a silvery surface similar to hot foil stamping, but it offers a lot more possibilities by being an inline process which can be flexibly integrated into printing, making overprinting and coating possible.

The result is a beautiful glossy metallic surface which suggests exclusivity and high quality. This technique offers almost limitless possibilities because cold foil is just like a fifth color, but it may be regarded as a 100% solid print area or raster print pattern of very fine lines or a letter (up to 6 pt).

Transparent glue is printed from the first printing unit using conventional offset plate. In the module built on the second printing unit, the extremely thin layer of silver foil is applied from the roll onto the glued surface. The colors are printed onto this layer in the remaining four printing units. The coating unit offers felxible choices for varnishing the print.


– you need outstanding solutions for printing postcards or brochures for special occasion, you need unique packaging, and the possible uses are unlimited, but the printed surface needs to be perfectly flat.

Metalized foil

Products printed on metalized foil is one of the most popular among special surface treatment solutions.

Applied to packaging materials and unique printing products, it offers durability and protection while looking fresh and exclusive as well.

Metalized polyester foil is applied onto the cardboard by lamination.

Graphical elements are printed onto these sheets with UV offset technique, taking into consideration the transparent nature of offset print paint. All pictures, logos or graphic elements where color fidelity is important, needs to be prepared with opaque white base.

Unprinted surfaces will acquire a realistic silver color impossible to achieve with conventional metallic ink during offset printing.


– it is important to achieve unique products with outstanding visuals, if you need a to apply silver or gold letters or background, or if the graphic elements require real metallic effect.


This technique requires the application of a stamp to achieve a relief-like effect on letters and design elements. The embossing stamp is a negative inward mold used for the creation of a special plastic embossing mold. The paperboard is embossed using the stamp and the mold. The larger the grammage of the base material, the more spectacular the result.

Blind embossing may be applied to the raw sheet to achieve a clear and elegant surface. In this case, the pattern, the text or the vector image is visible without colors, as embossing. A combined stamp may be used for embossing (standing out) and debossing (shrinking in), but the two processes must be at a given distance from each other.

3D embossing is another special technique which is a little bit different from the conventional method. Before the stamp is produced, the image material to be embossed must be designed and drawn. 3D effect is achieved by highlighting those elements from the plane which is closest to the viewer and the height of the more distant elements is gradually reduced.


– you need exclusive packaging, with an exceptionally elastic hot foil stamped logo,

– or if you want to have attractive surfaces on the cover or a book or a brochure, on an invitation or a business card.

Hot foil stamping

A strongly shining, real-metallic effect on the printed products can only be achieved with of metallic foil, cold foil or hot foil stamping.

Hot foil stamping is carried out by pressing smooth or structured colored foil onto the surface of the print using a metallic stamp. This foil is applied with the application of heat and pressure.

Golden, silver or colored metallic foil can be applied to texts, graphic elements or even larger surfaces. Hot foil stamping may be applied in a wide variety of patterns, allowing us to use the surface which best fits the graphic design.

We apply it to printed surfaces, foil prints or even certain plastic materials –, making our product truly unique.Stamped surfaces can be overprinted as well using UV offset or screen printing technology.Thin label paper or thicker cardboard can both be used as base material.


– you want to put gold, silver or colored logo onto the cover, invitation, unique packaging or if you want to have patterns and lines on the packaging of the printed material.Hot foil stamping can be applied to all and any text and design element on colored creative media.

Hot foil stamping machine

  • We are able to stamp hot foil in B1 size (750×1060 mm)
  • Different colour foils can be used in one printing run
  • Embossing and hot foil stamping available in one printing run


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