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Finishing, box production

Automated finishing and manual binding solutions

Automated finishing

Almost all binding and finishing of our printed products is carried out by us. Our finishing equipment was developed with the purpose of providing the widest possible range of choices for efficient and precise execution of printing tasks, from the most simple to the most difficult.

Available technologies:

Foil Lamination

With the application of matte, glossy and special foil up to B1 size.


7 pieces of Heidelberg Stahlfolder plate and combination folders with functions for gate folding and 6/6 folding.

Saddle stitching

2 pieces of Heidelberg ST saddle stitching machines as well as Duplo 4000 and 5000 collator booklet makers, even in several productions. We produce omega-stitched and unusually small products as well.

Glue binding

Using a Eurobind 4000 16 unit PUR glue binder with a minimum of 2 mm and a maximum of 60 mm spine thickness. Minimum print size: 100×140 mm, maximum size: 320×450 mm. Machine fitted with an online three-bladed cutter and output system.

Box gluing and tray making

Die cutting

Bobst Expertcut 106, Bobst VisionCut and three Heidelberg die cutters, with waste removal, automatic punching unit and sheet control system up to size B1. Embossing inline with die cutting, using the stamp embedded into the tool.

Box window patching

It is carried out with a Heiber+Schröder window patcher equipped with a special „pick and place” (window positioning) function, unique in Hungary. It is suitable for patching size-cut window foils or die-cuts bending over several sides, with perfect precision.

Box gluing

We use Bobst Masterfold 110 G (2021), Bobst Expertfold 110 A-2 and Heidelberg folder-gluers for one, three, four and six point gluing, four-line Braille embossing of finished boxes up to a paper thickness of 170 gsm, inline with box gluing. On this machine there is a brand new application which is able to apply finger-lift double adhesive tape or Red tear up tape on your print product.

Tray making

We use Heiber+Schröder CE 1000 tray formers and gluers for two, four, six and eight point gluing of different vegetable and fruit trays and fast food boxes.

Manual binding and unique solutions

We offer special manual work processes which cannot be executed by mechanical solutions. Manual binding may be used as additional solutions to automated binding or for the production of unique products where every single item requires extra care and precision.

Typical workflows:

  • special and manual folding
  • gluing and assembly of folders with flaps and folders with elastic bands
  • inserting flyers into publications
  • gluing inserts and CD holders
  • labeling
  • manual saddle stitching
  • spiral binding and stacking of publications
  • scoring, manual perforation
  • envelope filling
  • corner rounding of printed products
  • 3-8 mm diameter perforation of printed sheets
  • production of paper bags with cord or band handle
  • production of paper mounted gift boxes
  • manual production of unique shape boxes
  • gluing and band lacing of accessories (strass or ribbon) on publications and packaging

Rigid box production

Sheet mounting

Bobst Foliostar 165 MATIC

We can mount together diverse materials with the help of our rigid box machine: sheets with closed or open corrugation, non-bending chipboard, and even two cardboards.
We can mount various sizes (the minimum sheet size is 500-500 mm while the maximum is 750-1060 mm) and 9,000 sheets per hour.

Lamination is the perfect solution for corrugated carton packaging, when stronger support for product safeguarding is required, beyond quality and unique external appearance.
We can use corrugated cardboard boxes as perfect solutions for collecting or selling food products, consumer goods, toys, board games, shoes, technical products, in addition to
bag-in-boxes for drink and wines bottles, as well as table displays.

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