Did you know,

that we are happy to accept all your orders for business cards, letterheaded paper, note pads, flyers, folders, calendars and all other printed stationery products, regardless of the amount?

...that we produce high quality saddle-stitched or glue-bound brochures as well as hardcover books and albums, using unique surface treatment procedures and cutting-edge finishing technology?

...that our packaging material manufacturing department provides comprehensive services from design to execution and nearly all work processes are carried out in our print shop?

For detailed information please get in touch with our collegues.

Marketing and advertising publications
Eszter Szalai:+36-30-850-5883

Production of packaging materials
József Horváth:+36-30-591-5757

Greetings from the Keskeny Print House

Introducing Hungary’s state-of-the art printing and packaging material manufacturing operation.

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Welcome to Keskeny Printing House

Keskeny & Co. 2001 Ltd. is Central Europe’s most dynamically developing print house. Production plant is 12.500 m2, warehouse capability 3000 pallets, employing 300 skilled workers.

Our company focuses on cardboard, rigid box, corrugated packaging production.


  • All production steps are under one roof. All print finishing is available in house (hot foil stamping, UV varnishing, coldfoil printing, 3D gloss varnish, embossing, structuring etc)
  • 3 large format (75×105 cm) Heidelberg offset machines are available and 2 middle (75x66cm) format to ensure flexibility. Daily print capacity reaches 1.5 million sheets per day
  • Finishing capabilities are all available. 3 Expert cut BOBST die cutting machines and 3 BOBST folder gluers ensure to be able to make 1 million folding boxes per day.
  • Over 25 years experience in folding boxes and rapidly growing business in rigid box packaging. (Emeci wrapping machine, large format case making machine, magnet embader machine, v-grooving machine)

The business advantage you can gain with Keskeny

General advantage:

  • Affordable labour cost in central Europe, enables affordable costs
  • Difficulty is our specialty
  • All responsibilities under one roof
  • We are close to you, come to visit any time, our doors are open
  • Dynamic team is available to react to your needs
  • Customized service to your convenience
  • Well organized transport system to anywhere in the world.

Cardboard packaging:

  • Immediately available paperstock from GC1, GC2 and SBS, GT, GD boards
  • Free packaging development services, if production is realized
  • Fast production turnover
  • Possibility to work out a call off system thanks to warehousing capabilities
  • Flexible production schedule to client’s needs

Rigid box packaging:

The past 4 years our company spent money and time to develop new product line which is the rigid box production. This business modell become so successful that Keskeny recently stepped into a prestigious group of printhouses who are able to serve Luxury packaging to great brands like Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, or Gucci. The quality standards to serve these brands are extremely high, but this provides the security of other brands that their production is at the right place.


I hope this short written introduction is tempting and we are happy to send you an introductory video about our company.
Feel free to discuss a business opportunity and we are happy to visit you to discuss steps.
Overall we hope you find our company interesting, we look forward to contact us.
Best regards:

Please contact our Export Department
E-mail: export@keskenyprint.com


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