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Prepress & CAD

Hybrid UV drip off varnish, cold foil (cold silver foil)

Packaging design

Packaging products by Keskeny Printing Co are unique – not only due to their shape, surface treatment, and high quality. They are also carefully designed by our dedicated designer team of five to satisfy all requirements. Following a personal consultation, we guarantee to find the production concept for the requested packaging which best suits the desired characteristics of the product. We take into account the nature of the product (food, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements etc.), its market position (premium or cost-effective solution), the physical conditions to which the packaging is exposed (temperature, humidity) as well as the location of the sales point – all this to find a way for the packaging to boost sales (special shapes, the application of unique surface treatment procedures). Based on the vision of the customer, we use CAD software to design the product and create a mockup using materials corresponding to the parameters and a computer-controlled sample cutter. The mockup will be used for further decisions and graphic design.

Print file submission


The FTP site of Keskeny Printing Co. which provides upload capacities is accessible at If you already have a permanent password, you can upload your files with the usual FTP software such as Total Commander or Transmit, etc. If you do not have permanent access to our site, you can request a one-time upload authorization at


You can find our guides following this link.


Platemaking tasks for the huge capacity of our printing machines are carried out by a Heidelberg-based prepress system consisting of three Heidelberg Suprasetter SCR Computer to Plate (CTP) equipment. Prepress work processes are entirely based on PDF files, as required by modern technology. Upon reception and preparation, PDF files are processed in the Heidelberg PrePress Manager workflow software for proofing and plate production.


Our printing house places great emphasis on quality and excellent color matching during the preparation phase. To this end, we are continuously monitoring and maintaining the proofing equipment as well as the plate linearization and process calibration processes, according to the latest ISO12647 standards.

Color management


As the first PSO certified company in Hungary, the application of the ISO 12647-2 standard provides quality control options beyond visual inspection – to ensure that prints always have accurate color. The color management system is a complex system applied to prepress processes to achieve accurate and stable color reproduction. It’s application guarantees that the manufactured product is exactly identical to the color sample and can be reproduced correctly anywhere in the world. This way, the client can rest assured – even without proof or print approval – that the graphics appearing on a calibrated screen and the resulting proof and printed product will be within industry standard tolerances.

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