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Proper way of using the fingerlift tape.


The video below illustrates how to use the fingerlift adhesive tape properly so that the box and sleeve will close perfectly after filling.




1. Using the fingerlift tape in case of flat delivered boxes and sleeves


In each case, work on a harder surface, first placing the sleeve and then inserting the product. Then fold the closure over to the other side with applying some force and then swipe your finger several times along the glued part. If you do not exert enough force on the surfaces to stick together, the glueing can easily come loose and open.


2. Using the fingerlift tape in case of non-flat delivered sleeves


Always work on a flat surface when placing on the sleeve!

In case of softer products, after inserting it, press the adhesive part of the sleeve over to the other side then swipe your finger repeatedly along the glued part slightly pressing it to ensure that the surfaces adhere well.

In case of harder products the process is similar. Holding the product on a flat surface swipe our finger repeatedly on glueing.

It is not enough to just remove the silicone strip and fold the sleeve, as this will not provide enough adhesion and the sleeve may open.


When designing, make sure that the surfaces to be glued (where the glue is placed and where it is glued) are free of varnish or paint!


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