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New visual experience, the 3D Proof

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It often happens that our customers would like to preliminary check
how their packaging will look like. Upon request we can provide an unprinted
specimen, cut on plotter that can be used to check if the packaging meets the
expectations and needs. On the other hand, a printed proof can also be requested to check the graphics. In addition to these services
that will remain available for our clients in the future, a new process has also been introduced recently
by which the clients can check immediately, without having to wait for post delivery,
whether the graphics precisely can be fixed to the designed packaging.

Since we started to use 3D proofs in spring this year, it became more and more popular amongst our clients.
The proof shows exactly how the graphics will fit with the shape of the packaging.
It is more detailed, good quality and faster than the other aforementioned processes.
As a huge advantage, the file is available at a fair price and can be used for presentations, exhibitions,
there is no need to have a model prepared by a specialized company. The packaging displayed in a pdf file
can be rotated, zoomed which enables to review the smallest details as well.

The proof can be ordered for an introductory price of 5.000 HUF (+VAT) or purchased without order for 15,000 HUF (+VAT).

We can provide multiple graphical elements for the same drawing for an extra fee of + 1000 HUF / graphics.

If the order is submitted at a later date, the difference will be set off from the final production price!
For further information please contact us through the following e-mail address:

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