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In hot summer days a bottle of cool drink can be really refreshing. A creative promotional gift
placed on the bottle can be a pleasant surprise for the customers. Such initiatives has indeed huge business value.
On the one hand, the promotion is also a tool in the hand of suppliers to surprise their existing customers.
It spreads awareness of a new product, but can attract new customers as well, because many people will buy the drink
due to the offered gift.

The promotional gift can be almost anything. It is not the value that matters but rather the creative idea behind it.
It can be a mini board-game, a pack of cards to play with at the beach, a cup, a key-holder
or a face painting crayon during sport events to decorate the face with the colors of the favorite team. The best promotional gift is creative and
somewhat useful. This will make the customers really happy.

The promotional gift can be attached to the bottle in several ways. The size and weight of the promotional gift is important
in designing the packaging. The box have to withstand external ambient conditions. When you have found out
what kind of gift you would like to attach to what kind of bottle, come to our printery
where we will give you free advices and design your construction that fits the best for the bottle,
as well as develop the appropriate conditions to store the gift.

Coupling a promotional gift with a bottle of drink is worth
because with an original idea you can not only make your customers happy but you can also build their trust with the product and attract new customers in a relatively cost-effective way.

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