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Scented paper- A revolutionary innovation in the advertising market

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– -Sales promotion based on the subconscious mind-

In our life, perceptions determine our everyday activities. Humans are visual beings. At least 80% of the information from the outside world reaches our mind through our sight, but tactile, aural, gustatory and olfactory stimulations can also trigger sudden emotional responses in people. It is a familiar experience for all when upon smelling a scent particularly dear to us, we close our eyes and abandon ourselves to our memories.

People can distinguish between more than 10,000 different scents and recall events and scent-related situations with their help.


-Can we increase sales by using scents?-

Scents can be the NEW way to build marketing strategies: a new form of communication without words. Scents can generate a special awareness for a brand or a product.

Research has shown that if customers encounter a pleasant fragrance while shopping, it boosts their willingness to buy, and if they smell the same fragrance again at a later point in time, it brings back the memory of the shopping atmosphere. Smell is the only one of our senses that never rests.

However, customers need to be lured into the shop first, for which a perfect solution might be a message sent on scented stationery, or a gift box or bag made of scented materials with product samples.


-Scented paper-

Keskeny Printhouse is now offering its customers a brand new sort of scented paper that doesn’t need to be rubbed to release its scent because the fragrance is contained in its raw materials.

The paper is made of chlorine-free bleached cellulose and is FSC-certified. The fragrance is released in reaction to oxygen, and it can last for up to 18–24 months.

Printing is carried out with offset printing, using a fragrance-free dye and without varnish if possible because the latter might reduce the intensity of the fragrance.

Currently, this paper is available only in one fragrance (green leaf), but we are planning to expand our portfolio with two additional scents (cinnamon, eau de cologne), and the paper will be produced in various other fragrances as well according to the individual needs of our customers.

After the order has been placed, delivery times take about 4-6 weeks.

Customers can choose from two gram weights depending on what kind of product they wish to order. In case of stationary, unique envelopes, gift wraps, and promotional materials attached to brochures, we recommend the 150 g paper. For invitation cards, vouchers, advertising bags, exclusive postcards, cloth tags, and brochure covers, we suggest the 250 g paper.

Since the production of this paper is still in the development phase, please contact us for any further details and fragrance samples.


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