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Paper treys and boxes for food are available now at a reduced price!

Food box and trays

For exhibitors and visitors!

During the promotional period Keskeny Printhouse undertakes to provide the treys, food boxes and food packagings

included in the catalogue for a particularily favourable price.

Do not miss this opportunity and order uniquely designed packagings

reflecting your brand identity for your food products and you can immediately sell them at the next Beer, Burger, Barbecue Festival.

Browse through our cataloge

and find the appropriate box or trey, and order it now for a discount price.

The cataloge can be found here

With questions related to orders please contact Ildikó Fekete on the following e-mail address: or call a +36-30- 731-6491.

Let’s meet again at this year’s Beer, Burger, Barbecue Festival!

Beer, Burger, Barbecue festival website here you can see.

More information about the treys and boxes included in our catalogue can be found here:

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