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Six facts about corrugated cardboard mounting

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Our customers are gradually becoming more acquainted with our rigid box machine and they are beginning to like it. In what follows, we will tell you why.



1. Unique appearance

On mounted prints, we can employ printing and surface treatment procedures such as UV printing, metallized foil, or cold foil. Thanks to these procedures, products can receive a package that is sturdy, elegant and aesthetic at the same time.

2. Sturdy, but not robust

In many cases the reason for using corrugated cardboard packaging is not so much to protect the product, but to provide the box with sturdiness. The packaging should be pleasant totouch, and it should feel nice to hold it in one’s hands, so we use different corrugation sizes and widths in the process of mounting.

3. This is not just about corrugation

We can mount together diverse materials with the help of our rigid box machine: sheets with closed or open corrugation, non-bending chipboard, and even two cardboards, depending on which senses the customer would like to impress by the packaging. In addition to the visual experience, open corrugation or a smooth surface can also lend the packaging a pleasant touch.

4. Because sometimes size does matter

We can mount various sizes (the minimum sheet size is 500-500 mm while the maximum is 750-1060 mm), so if required, we are able to manufacture small-sized and big-sized boxes as well as boxes of different shapes.

5. All sorts of quantities

For smaller orders, the rigid box machine can be an ideal choice. With this piece of equipment, we can mount as many as 9,000 sheets per hour, allowing us to satisfy substantial demands as well.

6. There is a solution for everything

Corrugated cardboard offers a versatile use in the case of boxes, stacking boxes, trays, table displays and all such packaging materials where it is important for the box to have a certain sturdiness in addition to being stylish and protecting the product from harm. Since many details need to be taken into consideration when designing corrugated cardboard packaging, do not hesitate to contact our design department with your product, where our colleagues will design the ideal packaging for you free of charge.

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