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Invisible magnetic lock.

With the new Kolbus SW.M 400 type magnet inserter the magnets are inserted into the case of the magnetic lock box so that it cannot be seen on the finished product. At the milling stations the machine places the blind holes in the case first and then the adhesive. At the end of the process, the magnet is inserted. During the production, boxes with different thicknesses (1.5 to 4 mm) can be used.

Cases can be in the form of:
width: 140–735 mm
height: 140–525 mm

Making boardgames, calendars, book covers with professional technology.

The new Kolbus DA 260 casemaker automaton is ideal for fully automatic production of bookbills, folders, posters, calendar backs, or toys. We insert the coating layer at one end of the machine, while the binding plate (1-4 mm thick) at the other end. The cylinder will grab the coating and then apply a thin adhesive layer during rotation and assemble it with the binding plate. The machine then folds the edges of the coating onto the binding plate. As a result of this production, we receive beautiful plain boards. In addition to one-sided mounting, this machine can be used in the 2nd step for mirror mounting as well.

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