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Hybrid UV Drip Off, spot UV, scented, dispersion, Iriodin and glitter varnish

Hybrid UV drip off varnish

Hybrid UV Drip Off varnishes offer solutions for creating surfaces on printed products which are glossy and matte at the same time. There are three different kinds of coating methods which are similar in technology, but have different looks.

The matte-gloss UV effect varnish, the hybrid UV drip off with fine structure and the hybrid UV drip off with rough structure. During these processes, we use UV ink for printing and then apply different oil-based effect varnishes to achieve matte surfaces. As a final step, we coat the entire surface with glossy UV varnish. As a result, two different kind of varnishes are used to create smooth or special textured matte surfaces. All phases of the coating process are carried out inline with printing, thus the printed product is ready for immediate processing.


invitations, product catalogs or packaging and want something more than the usual simple matte foil and UV varnish, you need a large number of copies on short notice, but you want perfect quality.

Spot UV varnish


This solution is recommended when you want something more than conventional screen-applied UV varnish during offset printing, but want to avoid using a relatively expensive flexo cliché. This process requires the application of UV ink onto the material and then coating the entire surface with glossy UV varnish. As a next step, matte spot UV varnish is applied onto the print using a conventional offset plate in order to maintain the glossy effect upon the desired graphical elements. Regardless of the fact that coating is executed in two phases, the process is not too expensive because the matte UV varnish can be applied onto the print almost instantly.


– you want to use matte foil and UV varnish, but want more detailed and more creative results in a short time and the perfect fit is a must. This solution allows for the largest contrast between matte and glossy sections.

– it is recommended for the highlighting of non-figurative drawings, background elements, object photos, headings, logos and image details.

Scented varnish

Scented varnish makes the product truly unique and the picture on the print will lopk highly realistic. Applied during offset printing, scented varnishes need rubbing to give off the odor, making it last for many months. Micro-encapsulated fragrance materials are admixed with oil-based offset varnish and special excipients and then applied to the material.

A wide variety of fragrances are available. There are almost 200 standard fragrances, but we produce unique scents as well.

Such fragrances include: Christmas cake, pizza, tobacco, tomato sauce, freshly sawn timber, mold etc.


– you need to design invitations, greeting cards, wobblers or brochures where the scent of the advertised product may be important as well, or if you simply want something unique.

Dispersion varnish

Dispersion varnishes protect the print, are cost-effective, dry out fast and are equally suitable for one-side and two-side application. Depending on the type, they are completely or moderately resistant to damage and scratches, and are strongly resistant to moisture as well.

There are several different types of dispersion varnishes, depending on the desired effect:

– Extra matte varnish

– Silky matte varnish

– Soft touch varnish

– Glossy varnish

– High gloss varnish


– you wish to protect the print from damage, loss or smudging. Applied on the entire surface and with the appropriate graphic elements, it may contribute to the overall aesthetics of the print.

Iriodin varnish

Iriodin is a glossy pigment which is admixed with dispersion or UV varnish and used for creating slightly glossy or metallic surfaces. The result is an optical effect where surfaces reflect light in different shades, depending on the size of the pigments and the quality of the base material. Gold and silver are the most common colors, but the catalog of samples contains many more colors and shades. It is important to know that pigments with strong colors may greatly influence or even completely change the shade of colored images. Therefore, we recommend the use of light colored or transparent pigments if you want the effect to be moderate. There is significant difference between dispersion and UV varnishes. Iriodin varnish prepared with dispersion coating is more cost-effective, but the gloss is less powerful and spectacular than in case of UV varnish which is so strong it almost seems to animate the pigments.


– you want to create a large amount of exclusive packaging with creative use of materials. Pearlescent Iriodin varnish on a bright background is a cost-effective solution for achieving the desired creative effect.

Glitter varnish

A type of UV varnish which is generally used for creating appealing and shiny glitter surfaces. In the process, varnish containing metallic pigments is applied to the finished product in the desired amount. Different screen density is applied to achieve the desired effect.

The result can be slightly glossy where the colored pigments are scattered or strongly glossy where the graphical elements are covered with pigments.

Glitter varnish is applicable on a single side and with two different kind of varnishes at most because a thick layer of UV varnish may distort the sheet. If you want even more color, we recommend the color-shifting pigment which amplifies the color of graphical elements when applied.


– you want to create special books for children, unique greeting cards for specific occasions or decorations for packaging materials.

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