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Hybrid UV Drip Off with rough effect combined with matte UV varnish


varnishWe offer one of our proven and popular surface treatment solutions with an added twist.

Our clients have long demanded that we increase the matte effect of the grainy and rugged surfaces created with hybrid varnishes.

We have developed a solution for full or partial overprinting a second layer of matte UV varnish onto the rugged surface treated with hybrid UV varnish. This way, we achieve an emphatic matte effect while keeping the unique grainy effect as well.

If matte varnish is only applied onto certain graphic elements, we can achieve four different kinds of surface effects. To make our product special and unique, apply glossy, smooth matte, slightly glossy rugged or matte grainy surfaces.

However, the best result is guaranteed with the application of Hybrid UV Drip Off with rough effect.

Contact our colleagues for further details and samples.

Katalin Nagy


Mobile: +36-30-583-1872

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