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Special use of kraft boards!

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The most natural effect can be achived by using brown kraft board!

In Western Europe food products and hand-made products made of bio or natural materials are often packaged in natural effect brown-brown, or brown-white, unprinted or single colored kraft cardboard boxes or trays. There are a growing number of customers requesting our printhouse to produce natural effect packaging in order to enhance the visual appearance of a product or a specific graphical style (e.g. vintage). In this case the best solution is provided by kraft cardboard.

kraft cardboard products

Unique visual appearance, printability.

Kraft is a pure, unwhitened, durable, low density, low weight, brown-brown or brown-white colored cardboard paper. Preserving the original brown color of the material provides a very powerful, attractive, natural effect. For printing it is recommended to use more prosperous, stronger colors (e.g. red, Burgundy, dark green, blue). These colors help to achieve an even more natural effect. Furthermore, the colors enhance the base color of the cardboard as well. Overprinting the brown cardboard with opaque white or single color black makes the product to look more elegant and sophisticated.

Special solution for packaging.

Due to its high strength, printability, embossability and outstanding resistance to moisture, by using the different technological processes, it is perfectly applicable to prepare packagings that meets the highest demands and presenting the most difficult challenges. It is well-bendable, thereby many constructions can be produced from it.

Possible applications of kraft cardboard:

Retail packaging: bakery products, gift box, beverage holder, wine box, various envelopes

Food products: frozen fish, pre-breaded meat, soft drinks, dry foods, ready-to-cook foods

Commercial packaging: health and cosmetics products, sport products, gift box

Book covers, creative publications, table tents, clothing label, printed marketing materials

From our printhouse now you can order 332g brown-brown kraft boards for an entry price!

Moreover, we offer a great selection of brown-white cardboards in different weights (250,310,370,425 g) for disount prices.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

For more information please contact Mónika Kára:

Tel: +36-1-401-4072


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