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that we are happy to accept all your orders for business cards, letterheaded paper, note pads, flyers, folders, calendars and all other printed stationery products, regardless of the amount?

...that we produce high quality saddle-stitched or glue-bound brochures as well as hardcover books and albums, using unique surface treatment procedures and cutting-edge finishing technology?

...that our packaging material manufacturing department provides comprehensive services from design to execution and nearly all work processes are carried out in our print shop?

For detailed information please get in touch with our collegues.

Marketing and advertising publications
Eszter Szalai:+36-30-850-5883

Production of packaging materials
József Horváth:+36-30-591-5757

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Great variety of trays and food boxes!

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Keskeny Printhouse offes a great variety of boxes, trays and funnels as packaging for your product, let it be for hospitality services or market sales.

Among others trays and boxes are available for the following products: hamburger, hot dog, fries, roasted meats, donuts, cooked foods, pizza slices, sandwiches, cakes, pancakes, salades, Asian foods, pastas, vegetables, fruits, etc.


If you want to offer your food or other products to the customers in good quality, uniquely designed packaging, your best choice is to contactour printhouse.

We also provide full consultation and professional assistance in selecting the appropriate materials. In addition to the appropriate gram weight, we also take into account any visual requests. Besides white cardboard, white-brown and natural brown–brown cardboards are also available. The inner sideis treated with protective varnish, or PE coating or PET foil in order to ensure that moisture and fat cannot soak through the paper. The inner side of the product can also be treated with golden or silver foil, upon request. The innerside may also be treated with heat-resistant foil as well, so that the food can be re-heated in the box. The trays and boxes are printed in 1-6 colors. Ourcustomers can choose from constructions with different sizes and shapes. From trays and boxes glued in 4, 6, 8 points to funnels glued on two sides. Closed boxes may be equipped with different closures and are also availablein windowed design.

We offer paper traysandboxes for the businesses operating in the following areas: reastaurants, fast food restaurants, buffets, wholesalers and retailers, confectionaries, beverage distributors, decorators, vegetable and fruit sellers, wellness-centres, hotels, coffee shops, schools, fitnes centres, festival-organizers, institutions.

For more information or to request an offer, please contact us.

József Horváth

Tel: +36 1 401 4076

E-mail: packaging@keskeny.hu

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