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Mineral paper that will not get soaked!

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In the most extreme weather conditions and wet environments, where the traditional cellulose-based papers would become unusable in no time, there comes mineral paper into play.


mineral paperDue to its multi-use potential, mineral paper can be used in the most harsh environments as well. For environments where the product may be exposed to water or extreme impacts, mineral paper is the perfect choice. One of its main advantages is that it will not get soaked, resistant to water, fat and insects. Hard to tear. Due to its excellent properties it can be used in many areas. It is recommended for the production of maps, durable handbooks, waterproof notebooks, diver’s notebooks, labels, hardly tearable packagings.

Mineral paper, as its name also suggests, does not contain any material originating from wood. The ground mineral is bonded by Calcium carbonate and high-density polyethylene. Various natural whitenesses.

Available in two types of quality and various sizes, from thickness of 144 g to 490 g. Its surface is not grained, hence it is perfectly usable even for the production of high-end, premium category products. Usable for offset printing. It is eco-friendly, since its production generates 50% less carbon emission than in the case of traditional paper production. It totally degrades (100%) within 9-12 months. If combusted, it does not emit fume containing toxic substances.

The paper can be creased, die cut, goldened, embossed, glued, pierced, perforated and folded. It can be printed in the traditional way or using UV offset method, it can be varnished with water-based varnishes and cold foil can also be applied. In addition to its many advantages, its price is reasonable.

It has multi-use potential. It can be adapted to a wide variety of needs. Using mineral paper, we can produce calendars, notebooks, booklets, maps, books, packagings, boxes (e.g.: wine box, chocolate box, gift box), labels, paper bags, leaflets, postcards.

Watch the following video about testing the toughness of mineral paper.

For further information about mineral paper and the products that can be made of it, please contact us:

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