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Forget everything you have ever thought about offset printing!


Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106-7+LYY1+LXUV/VINFOIL

Discover the latest printing press from Keskeny Printing House, which opens up new perspectives in surface finishing.

A Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106-7+LYY1+LXUV/VINFOIL is like a brush in the hands of a painter. We just have to dream what we want on the “canvas”.

Unique technology in Europe.

Heidelberg has created a printing press specifically for Keskeny Printing House, which is unique in Europe and, thanks to its design, offers the most variable solutions for realizing your graphic designer’s artwork striving for uniqueness and specialty.

Uncompromising variations of colors and matte or glossy UV varnishes, complemented by the metallic sheen of the silver foil, offer artistic freedom at the same time as printing, far surpassing previous possibilities.

Using cold-foil (silver foil) you can print up to 5 colors at the same time and make the surface special with hybrid varnishing, or choose 6 colors next to cold-foil (silver foil) and make the creative spectacular with full UV varnish (possibly dispersion varnish).

The location of the printing and varnishing units also allows the overprinting of already printed and varnished surfaces and the application of a new coat of varnish. For example, it is possible to make the front and back of a cover (Cover 1-4), even with a completely different varnish.

The machine also comes with an MFU® (multiple foil use) unit, which helps you use cold-foil (silver foil) as economically as possible by returning the foil back to the press after the first foiling operation, so depending on the graphics, the same roll it can be used up to three times. Optimal use of the film can also create savings up to 85%.

If you have the idea, feel free to contact us and we help you figure out how to get the most out of the idea, what “SpeedMASTER” should “paint” on paper.

Let’s create something extraordinary together…






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