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Creative surface treatment options

The newest printing press of Keskeny Printing could make your most creative and innovative ideas become true. We would like to introduce you some solutions which we would complete with the help of our Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106-7+LYY1+LXUV/VINFOIL machine.



Glossy surfaces and creative varnishes

The glossy green surface with a metallic effect is made by the colors printed on the silver-foiled material and the flowers are made of a sealing white colour will shape the egg. The flowers in the background are created by a matte lacquer covering the glossy lacquer applied to the entire surface.


Playing with the hibrid varnish

What we are seeing is not just the gloss UV varnish meeting the matte varnish on the paper. It is the uniqueness of the graphic elements and the specialty of the technology is that it creates these unique and special surfaces with the help of varnishes.



The Cold-foils subdued light with an elegant background pattern

The bluish-silvery gloss of the butterfly’s wings was achieved with colors printed on cold-foil *,, *, the excessive gloss of which was softened with a matte dispersion varnish. With this, the pattern created from glossy UV varnish in the background with the help of flexo cliche ** prevails better.

(*a process in the same pass as the offset printing which will use cold glue to attach a silver or gold like surface)

(**it is a special cliché which fits into the varnishing unit with a special surface which contains the gloss UV varnished areas, this cliché is the same size as the printing plate)


Golden surfaces

When the colours are not dominating. Provides a sleek and elegant look with gold-colored (cold-foil) highlighted graphics on the black and white image. The specialty of the varnish is that in an unusual way the matte gold-and-white design elements are highlighted with the glossy surface of the background.


Cold-foil on a structured „canvas”

How does plain paper turn into an eye-catching, mysteriously shimmering canvas effect painting? The key to the solution our Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106-7 + LYY1 + LXUV / VINFOIL machine.

We decorated the images with the help of cold-foil and during the printing process we gave the paper a “canvas” effect by embossing the inline structure *.

(*in the same pass as the offset printing, surface treatment with a special tool which is placed in the printing press)


If you want to read an extended description of our new printing machine click here.



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