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Do you want your product to reflect your environmentally conscious thinking? Choose our certified products from a responsible forest management!



An independent non-profit organization created by the FSC Forest Stewardship Council, which would require strict rules to obtain privileges to use the FSC trademark.


FSC tanúsítvány

Companies that use wood-based products can obtain a certificate called the FSC Chain of Custody to verify the traceability of the origin of the wood.

  • An organization certified with the FSC trademark must implement an effective management system and have it certified by an independent certification body.
  • FSC certification is valid for 5 years if regular supervisory audits confirm compliance.

The requirements of the FSC standard to cover the entire wood-based product chain: forestry, wood processing, trade of the wood products, the paper and printing industry, and other related trades.


FSC logó


What you need to know about the use of the FSC trademark:

  • Only companies with a valid license agreement and certificate can display the logo (license code and ® or ™ trademark are required, depending on whether the product is intended for the EU or non-EU market)
  • displaying sets strict content and format requirements that can be viewed on
  • the mark may indicate the trade mark right of the packaging or the packaged product, subject to the conditions specified
  • if the customer does not have the right to use the trademark, but produces paper-based packaging the FSC trademark of the manufacturer (in our case Keskeny Printing) can also be used for the product marking
  • the parties must enter into a mutual agreement on the use of the trademark
  • the graphic material containing the trademark must be approved in writing by the customer’s or the manufacturer’s FSC auditor
  • A product can only be considered FSC-certified if the customer indicates his need at the time of ordering. We use FSC-certified raw material for production and the certification is included in the background documentation (material release notes, delivery notes, invoices, etc.)
  • FSC-certified products cannot be manufactured from non-FSC raw materials, so changes are not possible
  • FSC-branded raw material types are available at slightly higher prices and occasionally lead times due to special production and inspection costs.


FSC termékek

Why is it worth producing and selling certified products?

  • because it means a clear commitment towards an environmentally conscious thinking
  • provides an indisputable advantage over non-certified products in certain segments of the market
  • Some customers now require the use of it
  • because not only the source but also the recyclability of such products is ensured
  • because it has a brand-building and reputation-building effect


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