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7 useful tips for ordering a box

Product packaging is a marketing tool: it conveys information about the producer and also advertises the company, therefore, it is of utmost importance to take this into account when choosing a design. A creative and aesthetic box can strengthen the brand name. The first factors that determine the appearance are the size, the shape and the weight of the product. The packaging of a – let’s say – fragile glass drinkware is different from that of a wallet or a piece of clothing, since the latter two do not require extra protection.

Size and weight become important factors when determining the basic material. Before designing, the following aspects are worth considering:



1. Who is the target group? Who is the product intended for?

merev falú díszdoboz

The shape and appearance of the box may help attract the target group. The colours and design elements can grab the attention of the preferred age group. (For example, in case of products intended for children, the box can take the shape of a car, house or some other special form).

2. What is the price category of the product which can be emphasised with the packaging?

óra díszdoboz

In the case of valuable products, the packaging should be stylish and unique in order for the customer to feel value for money. (For example, a branded watch should preferably come in a gift box with rigid walls, which emphasises elegance and uniqueness.)

3. Where will the product be sold? Will it be sent by mail?

szállító csomagolás italok számára

In case of brick-and-mortar store sales, it is less important, but if sales are executed through a parcel delivery service, great emphasis must be placed on the design and material of the box. Depending on the product, the packaging may in itself be firm and mailable, or we can create a simple mailing box for the product box thereby protecting it from possible damage during shipping.

4. Is the product fragile or delicate?

betét törékeny termékcsomagoláshoz

When the product is fragile, we have to design lining for the box, which prevents it from moving and provides protection against shocks.Choosing the right material here plays a very important role in avoiding damages and breakage.

5. Is it important to show the product through the packaging?

ablakos italcsomagolás

Window display boxes may be essential if we talk about products made of aesthetically appealing or special materials. Through the window, the customer can see the material of the product and make sure of its quality. The box may be ordered with a smaller window through which the customer may touch the product but cannot take it out, or it may be ordered with a big window, in which case we have to protect the product by using a window film.

6. Do you want to highlight the product among similar products of the category?

különleges megjelenésű csomagolás

Surface finishing (varnishing, hot foil printing, embossing, etc… these will be presented in detail in the series) helps make the packaging of the product unique and special, which makes it stand out from similar product types.

7. How many boxes should be produced?

When determining the number of pieces, it is worth thinking about whether it is a one-time job or whether the box will be used several times, because the unit price will be higher for small quantities.

If storage can be ensured, it is more economical to manufacture a larger lot in advance than to order multiple small quantities.


To be continued…

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