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Series Part 2 – Connection between basic materials and designs


The size and weight of the product determine the type and thickness of the basic material. In the case of products with larger size and weight, we have to think about using corrugated cardboard or rigid bookbinding board in order to make a firm packaging.

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For beverage packaging, for example, there is a solution where we design a cardboard box, but to secure the bottle, we make a liner from corrugated cardboard, which protects the product and at the same time stiffens the cardboard box.

In terms of designs, the shape and the dimensions may influence the concept. For example, for objects with a large basic area but very low height, decorative packaging will not be aesthetically pleasing if the height of the box is adjusted to the size of the product. By using box fillings, we can achieve a harmonious appearance for the box.

In the case of cardboard materials, design options are very diverse, since these papers are easy to shape and there is no real need to make compromises when it comes to surface finishing.

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When using corrugated cardboard or rigid bookbinding board, the thickness of basic materials limits the shapes that can be created, but visually the end result may be much more exclusive compared to cardboard boxes.

If a product packaging is designed for the long term, we can also think about choosing a design that can be renewed and updated in detail without changing the usual form.

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In the case of packaging bonbons or any other product the parameters of which (flavour, colour, etc.) may change, the best solution is a cover designed for the box which shows all information about the product to be placed in the box. It is easy to replace the cover and place new graphics on it, but the basic box does not change.

A non-printed cardboard cover may also fulfil a protective function if, for example, we make an elegant gift box from corrugated cardboard or bookbinding board and we do not want it to be damaged or tainted during storage and transport.

During the designing of the box, we must strive for the harmony of the basic material, the product and the design, which is not always easy, because many factors may influence the original concept, but – fortunately – a wide selection of shapes, materials and surface finishes helps to achieve the best solution.

A doboz konstrukciókról bővebben honlapunkon is olvashatnak.


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