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The unique use of kraft cartons!

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The most natural effect can be reached with brown kraft carton!

In Western Europe the bio and natural or handmade products are often packed in natural looking brown-brown or brown-white unprinted, or only with one color printed kraft paper-based box or tray. We are receiving more and more inquiries, where because of the visual highlighting of a product or a unique graphic style (e.g. vintage) a natural looking packaging is needed. In such cases kraft carton offers the best solution.

kraft karton termékek

Unique appearance, printing quality

Kraft is a clean, unbleached, strong, low density, light weighted brown-brown or brown-white carton paper. With the keeping of the original color of the material a very strong, natural effect can be reached. Graphic artists recommended to use richer, strong colors (e.g ruby, burgundy, dark green, blue), that can help to reach a more attractive, natural effect. Besides these colors are highlighting the original color of the carton. If we print the brown carton with cover white or 1 color black, we would get a really elegant, sophisticated product.

Peculiar solution in packaging

Thanks to its high substance, printing and embossing quality, extraordinary humidity resistance, together with the different technological methods it can be used perfectly for the most challenging packagings, with the highest needs. As it is very bendable, different versatile constructions could be made out of it.

The usage areas of kraft carton:

Retail packaging: packaging for baked products, gift box, beverage carrier, wine box, different envelopes.
Foods: frozen fishes, deep fried meats, beverages, dry foods, ready made foods
Commercial packaging: health and beauty products, sport packaging, gift boxes
Book covers, creative products, table talkers, clothes, labels, marketing products

Our printing house offers now the 332g brown/brown kraft on an introductory price!

Besides we offer different grammage (250, 310, 370, 425g) brown/white cartons in a wide range on a favorable price.

For more information contact our colleague, Mónika Kára.
Tel: +36-1-401-4072

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