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Paper, that is not getting wet!

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When the ordinary, cellulose based paper cannot be used anymore, the weather is extreme and wet – that is the time, when we can rely on stone paper.


kőpapírThanks to its wide range usage opportunities, we recommend stone paper to the wildest environmental conditions. In an environment, where the product can get in touch with water or the conditions are extreme, the stone paper is the perfect choice. One of its main advantage that it is not getting wet, water, grease and insect resistant. It is really hard to tear. Thanks to its extraordinary qualities it can be used in a very wide range. Recommended to maps, often used handbooks, water resistant notebooks, waterproof journals, labels and to the production of packagings, that are difficult to tear.

The stone paper – according to its name – does not contain any wood-based ingredient. Calcium Carbonate and high density polyethylene hold the grounded stone together. The different white shades are natural.

It is recommended in two qualities and different sizes, from 144g to 490g. Its surface is smooth, what makes it perfect for premium products. It can be used in offset printing. It is environmental-friendly, because during its production the carbon-emission is 50% less than during the production of the traditional paper. It is 100% degradable in 9-12 months. It burns cleanly without toxic fumes.

The paper can be creased, die-cut, hot foiled, embossed, glued, punched, perforated and folded. It can be printed with conventional and UV offset, can be varnished with water based varnishes and can be used with cold foil. Besides its many advantage, its price is also favorable.

It can be used in a very wide range. With its use very diverse needs could be satisfied. We can produce calendars, notebooks, booklets, maps, books, packaging, boxes (e.g. wine box, chocolate box, gift box) labels, paper bags, leaflets, postcards out of it.

Watch or below video, where we have tested, how resistant stone paper is.

For more information about stone paper and the products, that could be made out of it, please contact us:

Tel: +36 1 414 2071

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