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We have been receiving more and more inquiries from our clients concerning small-series boxes and flyers.

In response to the needs of our clients, Keskeny Printhouse has invested in a Heidelberg Versafire CV digital printing press. Our aim with this investment is to continue to offer competitive prices to our clients even if they order small series.


Thanks to the digital technology, the printing costs remain reasonable even when small series are ordered.
The digital printing press began its operation at our printing house in January 2017, and by now we have accumulated considerable manufacturing experience with this technology.


A The features of the Heidelberg Versafire CV digital printing press:

  • it is suitable for the production of products ranging from 50-60 g self-copying materials to very thick cardboard boxes even above 300 g
  • printing and varnishing in one go
  • opaque white printing
  • extended size (33-70 cm)
  • it can print changing data

What kinds of advantages do these features of the machine offer?


– The extended size is important because from smaller-size boxes, several products can be fitted onto one sheet, or one bigger box, but even an A4-size, 6-page brochure, too.

– Varnishing was a crucial criterion for us for our choice of machinery because our goal was to come as close to offset quality as possible.
When boxes are produced with the traditional offset method, we always put at least one layer of varnish onto the printed sheet, which provides a uniform protective layer on the print. In the case of the digital printing press, the ink is already very glossy. If we leave the material without surface treatment (varnish), the contrast will be too striking between the ink and the paper in the case of unprinted surfaces. This can be accommodated with the help of varnishing, and the surface will look like a real offset print.

– The machine can also cater for the personalization of newsletters, the labelling of boxes and the printing of coupon codes.

The aim of the development


With this development, our aim was not to compete with digital printing houses, but rather to remain competitive on the market in the case of orders of relatively small-series marketing material and boxes as well.

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