Did you know,

that we are happy to accept all your orders for business cards, letterheaded paper, note pads, flyers, folders, calendars and all other printed stationery products, regardless of the amount?

...that we produce high quality saddle-stitched or glue-bound brochures as well as hardcover books and albums, using unique surface treatment procedures and cutting-edge finishing technology?

...that our packaging material manufacturing department provides comprehensive services from design to execution and nearly all work processes are carried out in our print shop?

For detailed information please get in touch with our collegues.

Marketing and advertising publications
Eszter Szalai:+36-30-850-5883

Production of packaging materials
József Horváth:+36-30-591-5757

Greetings from the Keskeny Print House

Introducing Hungary’s state-of-the art printing and packaging material manufacturing operation.

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Creative Packaging

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Do you require creative packaging that is different from the traditional? You can find it with us!
Keskeny Printer House, as an authorised partner of Burgopak™ Patented Packaging, offers exciting, creative alternatives to the habitual cardboard boxes.

Inspect the various boxes and cases and play with the thought of hiding your product in such a creative packaging.


From our offers


1. The small card package

may be used for the following:
Gift cards, Booklets, Invitations, Advertising materials, SIM cards

4. The standing card package

may be used for the following:
Gift cards, Bank cards, SIM cards

6. The high-end products package

may be used for the following:
Gift cards, Booklets, Memory sticks, SIM cards, Products

7. Disc package

may be used for the following:

9. Cabrio package

may be used for the following:
Gift cards, Bank cards, Booklets, Tickets

Take a look at our additional creative packaging ideas:

Continue to creative packagings

Choose from our offers the constructions that best suit your needs and our co-workers shall contact you and send you a sample, so that you may verify whether the packaging is the ideal one for you. In addition to the standard dimensions, we offer creative solutions for practically every product.

Continue to request for a quote and request for a sample

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