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Grab the moment! Make your offline marketing materials special!


In today’s online-dominated advertising noise, you may be a breath of fresh air for your potential customers if you promote your company’s services and products through printed brochures, publications and leaflets. When you build new partner contacts, you may often find that a hand-written leaflet, which is “magically” made unique or exclusive through a special surface treatment process, is actually more effective.


3d Uv-val készült lepke prégfóliával

The digital 3D UV coating technology allows us to apply a special glossy UV coating of variable thickness to the print, which adds a 3D touchable holographic image to the highlighted surface while the application of golden or silver foil helps us to add a glitter to certain parts of the graphic design. The fascinating and exciting end product will attract eyes like a magnet. According to the research conducted by Joann Peck and Jennifer Wiggins feeling a product with your hands has a significant impact on your emotions toward the particular product, it triggers impulse to buy and builds confidence between buyer and product.


  • The TACTILE EFFECTS of your product’s packaging can increase sales and contribute to the growth of your brand as well.
  • PRODUCT TOUCH can boost impulse purchases
  • THE SENSATION you feel when you touch a product increases the desire for possession and conveys a more positive image to the customer

“The tactile elements of product packaging influence brand image”


Research shows that the longer time customers spend on focusing on a particular product, the more likely they are to become attracted to the item. If your products are visually attractive, customers feel an urge to touch and feel them, and if they can do so, they are more likely to buy them as well. Surveys show that the visual and tactile elements of product packaging can contribute to the overall brand image.

Source: Konica Minolta Hungary Business Solutions Ltd. / Joann Peck & Jennifer Wiggins; It Just Feels Good: Customers’ Affective Response to Touch and Its Influence on Persuation; Source: Aradhna Krishna, Luca Cian, Nilüfer Z. Aydınoglu; “Sensory Aspects of package design”; 2017

Learn more about the unique surface treatment options provided by MGI jet varnish processes and choose the procedure best suited to your need and products.


3D UV coating


3D UV coating enables us to create spectacular print surfaces with variable camber heights.


3D UV coating with spot metallized foils


3D UV lakkozás digitális prégfóliával

In this case, the golden or silver foil is applied to the surface of the 3D UV coating, adding the image of conventional hot stamping and embossing to the print.


Spot UV


3d uv formalakk kép

Glossy surfaces on certain spots of the print.


Combined procedures


3d uv magazin borító

The various effects can also be combined, which allows us to develop truly exciting and creative surfaces.


How to get a quote

The simplest way to get a quote is if you send us the graphic design layout and mark the area you want to highlight with 3D UV coating. Please indicate the desired varnish thickness for the spot because it has an impact on the price.

Camber height options for varnish thickness:

    • Low camber: 7-24 μm
    • Medium camber: 25-50 μm
    • High camber: 51-87 μm


Korábbi MGI 3D UV lakkozásal kapcsolatos cikkeinkből itt olvashat bővebben.

Touch and feel the difference!
Digital 3D UV varnish and hot stamping
Surprise! 3D UV technology


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