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Greetings from the Keskeny Print House

Introducing Hungary’s state-of-the art printing and packaging material manufacturing operation.

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    Greetings from the Keskeny Print House

    Introducing Hungary’s state-of-the art printing and packaging material manufacturing operation.

  • Professional Printing

    With our special printing technologies, we magically transform your printing materials into unique items.

  • We prepare the perfect packaging for your product.

    Do your products require special packaging material? We offer full customised service from design to execution.

  • Rigid Box

    Luxury packaging, unique constructions for packaging high-end products.

  • Corrugated board

    Corrugating and packing according to individual requirements

  • Creative packaging

    Is traditional boring? Innovative packaging solutions for the promotion of your products.


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Cutting edge technologies
Tactile three-dimensional effect on the print. Attractive surface, highlighting the most important graphic.
Hybrid UV Drip Off varnish
It is a spectacular combination of glossy and special textured matte surfaces inline with printing.
Unique, silvery, embossed surfaces. Fascinating appearance and tactile details.
Scented varnish
Fascinating fragrance experience on the images. Long-lasting scented printing products.
Cold foil
Silvery surfaces, spectacular printings. Exclusive appearance, quality products.
Metalized foil
Glossy metallic colors, realistic gold and silver surfaces on printed publications. Unique packaging materials.


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We have moved to a new level!

October 8, 2018
If you are looking for quality colored printed corrugated board packaging material, you are on the right place! Thanks to the investments of the last few years, our printhouse gained valuable experiences in producing corrugated board packaging materials.   Many times, packaging materials made out of corrugated board are identified as brown, thick, unprinted or one color printed, large collection boxes. These are usually five-layer, EB or BC flute corrugated boards, which are usually printed directly in one or two colors, labelled with a simple logo or informative inscription – not in offset quality. By the corrugated board packaging of Keskeny Printhouse we do not mean these massive, brown collection boxes, but packaging materials and boxes printed with the most unique colored graphic, in different shapes and with different finishing, when besides the outfit the protection of the product is equally important. OUR STRENGHTS: Below, we listed in which cases and why you should contact our company if you need custom transportation and storage boxes made of corrugated board for your product. Wide variety of raw materials Instead of three layer closed corrugated sheets we use brown or white open wave corrugated sheets in the manufacturing process. With our Bobst Foliostar laminating machine we glue the coating material (the liner) that best suits your needs on the fluting of the open wave. We keep in stock more types of liners, which can be chosen according to the intended purpose of the packaging and the profile of the associated corrugated board: GD liner: cheaper, slightly greyish paper for the products where function and price are the priorities GC liner: nicer, wither, and higher-quality than GD liner Supreme Kraft liner: robust kraft paper which can be laminated in two ways: printing on its coated white side we get a premium white product, while printing on its uncoated brown side the result is a natural effect product. Graphic paperboards can also be used as liners, such as Alaska+ GC2 paperboard or SBS paperboard; the use of these leads to an even higher quality. In case of products laminated with graphic paperboard striping (phenomenon specific to corrugated sheets, when the surface is slightly striped on the flutes of the corrugated sheet) is less visible Wide variety of shapes Due to our 8-member team of designers, we are able to produce a variety of shapes. We design corrugated board packaging materials for different branches of industry, such as transportation and storage boxes for food industry products or retail sale etc. Our standard shapes are accessible on our website, while in case of custom design we offer a consultation with our colleagues. We offer the freedom of designing We print the liners first, and then we glue (laminate) them on the fluting of the open wave corrugated sheet, unlike the closed wave where the printed sheet is laminated on the whole surface of the closed corrugated sheet. Therefore, while using one layer less raw material, this kind of treatment also gives a wide freedom when designing

Digital 3D UV varnish and hot stamping

October 8, 2018
The range of surface finishing treatments of Keskeny Printhouse has been expanded!   Our brand new MGI JETVARNISH 3D Evolution & iFOIL-L machine is able to create beautiful 3D effects, which enhance the visual experience and open up a new dimension to all printed projects. This machine opened the way for Keskeny Printhouse to apply treatments with 3D UV varnishing and digital gold foiling.   3D UV varnishing?.. 3D UV varnishing is a revolutionary process, as a result of which an extra glossy varnish is applied on specific elements of the offset or digital prints using digital inkjet technology. The thickness of the varnish is optional; it can range from 7 microns (completely flat) to 232 microns thickness. This technology can not only be used for the application of embossed spot UV varnish, but by using gold or silver foil + 3D UV varnish conventional hot foil stamping can be replaced with it; it can even be applied to emboss hot stamped surfaces. This is a totally digital solution, which can save us time and money as it is not necessary to use a cliché or screen for the finishing treatment. Types of products we can use it with: We offer our latest service to those who wish to develop their products and make them more special proposing a more creative and valuable solution to their clients this way. We recommend the treatment to the following products and effects: one-off prints, brochures business card luxury packaging packaging food and beverages packaging cosmetic products imitating fabrics, textures, woodgrain or other effects highlighting graphic elements conventional flat varnishing creating braille-effect inscriptions Advantages of the treatment quick: it is not necessary to involve subcontractors perfectly accurate: scanner-driven settings super glossy: higher gloss compared to conventional UV varnish it can be used instead of embossing – without using clichés! instead if conventional hot foil stamping – without using clichés! environmentally friendly: lower energy consumption, less waste compared to conventional treatments, as there is no printing plate, screen, or cliché, using less input of raw material and plastic packaging material Useful information Some important data about the prints that can be produced by the MGI JETVARNISH 3D Evolution & iFOIL-L machine: maximum sheet size: 720×1200 mm, on which the size of the varnished design can be 510×1190 mm UV varnish thickness: within the range of 7-232 microns – a varnish layer of 42 microns has a quite spectacular effect on the graphic! thickness of raw material: minimum 135 gr (150 microns), maximum 800 gr (800 microns) the raw material has to have a coated surface: art paper, foiled surface, in case of paperboards the coated side. The technology is not applicable on moisture absorbent offset papers or on uncoated creative papers the printed sheet shall be foiled or treated with dispersion coating, as this way it will have a higher adherence and the finishing looks nicer on it Factors affecting the cost The calculation of the price of products prepared using 3D UV varnishing is

Applying silicone tapes and tear strips in Keskeny style

August 30, 2018
Innovation in the production of foodstuff packaging and postal boxes! From now on we are able to apply the different width adhesive tapes and tear strips on the packaging mechanically.   The innovation – simpler and faster solution Earlier, we applied the adhesive tapes (duplos) manually on the packaging coatings which had to be closed well after loading the goods (e.g. foodstuff, postal packaging). We perforated the tear strips facilitating the opening of the boxes during punching. Due to the mechanical process we are able to ensure consistently high quality standards, not to mention the fact that we save time and costs for our clients. In case of the adhesive tape, first we apply the adhesive on the surface, and then we place a silicone tape on the adhesive layer. When performing the loading of goods the silicone tape can easily be removed, this way the box can easily be reclosed. Tear strips are applied in a similar way. This way the box doesn’t have to be perforated during punching, but it will be easy to open at the same time. Due to the mechanical process we are able to apply adhesive tapes or tear strips on 10,000 boxes per hour. The two operations can be applied either together or separately on carton or corrugated products. Applying them together is the ideal solution in case of foodstuff packaging and postal packaging, when the box is closed after loading the goods, and later they want to open it using a tear strip. In addition, mechanical placing of adhesive tapes can be applied in case of other packaging types, dossiers, folders, sleeves, and bands. If you have any questions or you would like to request an offer, contact us: E-mail: export@keskenyprint.com

Cold foil – Metallic shine!

June 28, 2018
We kick printing up a notch to get the most out of your product! Make the appearance of your printed material and boxes more spectacular and exclusive by means of the Cold foil technology. Gives a spot-like special metallic shine to the surface or the small graphic elements.   Advantages of the Cold foil technology The traditional way to create metallic appearance surfaces is hot foil stamping, which has some disadvantages beside a lot of advantages. During the process the metal film layer is squirted on the already printed foil by a cliché. Due to the preparation of the cliché the production is time-consuming and may be more expensive than expected. This traditional method cannot be applied economically on continuous, big surfaces or in case of stamping widely separate points on the surface of finished products due to the technological characteristics of the stamping cliché, as in these cases the cost of the cliché is very high, and feasibility is questionable. In case of full tone homogeneous prints it can only be determined on the basis of a prior consultation whether the product can be implemented by hot foil stamping. The Cold foil technology offers a perfect solution to the cases when we would like to achieve metallic shine on a large surface area, or we would like to highlight small details. The great advantage of the technology is that the metallic layer is applied on the sheet during printing, not after printing. As a result, we are not only able to achieve a unique metallic (silver or gold) effect, but it is also possible to print over it, this way metallized surfaces of any color can be created. Overall, this process gives a large degree of freedom during graphic design. It can be implemented with a high degree of accuracy, from the line thickness of 0.15 mm to full surface. The costs of the process are not particularly high, it can be economically applied even in case of small orders. In addition, the plus expenditures may pay off due to the increased marketability. In which situations may Cold foil technology be applied?   The typical application areas of Cold foil technology are decorative boxes, greeting cards and postcards, eye-catching one-off prints with high aesthetic requirements (invitation cards, business cards), but it is also applied on book covers, exclusive brochures, on the front page of magazines, and on the packaging of more ordinary products (chocolate, medicines). It is considered a mean which extends planning opportunities. It may decorate, highlight or render printed publications brighter or more elegant, depending on the use.   For further information about Cold foil technology please contact our colleague Katalin Nagy on the details provided below: E-mail: k.nagy@keskeny.hu

Surprise! 3D UV technology

April 24, 2018
The latest dimension of surface treatment has come to Keskeny Printhouse!       Thanks to our new investment, MGI 3D EVO, now we can create 3D effects, breath-taking prints and beautiful textures in a simple way! Whether you need a special texture or want to highlight a graphic design, thanks to this new technology, the products will be more vivid and tangible. One of the great advantages of the new 3D UV technology is that the elements can be embossed without stamp costs from a flat surface up to a thickness of 200 microns. By using foil stamping, we can imitate a gilded (copper, silver, etc.) relief effect as well. For which products do we recommend this procedure? The 3D UV technology can be perfectly applied toone-off prints, brochures, business cards, luxury packaging, food and beverages, and cosmetics packaging. Why is it worth your money? We recommend this procedure because thanks to it, you can avoid high stamp costs during the production of unique surfaces. The production time will be shorter, and just as importantly, we can use this technology with high precision on different surfaces. Where can you get further information about it? We will be back shortly with a more detailed technological presentation. If you are interested in this new procedure and wish to learn more about it and its potentials already, please send an e-mail to export@keskenyprint.com.

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