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An Exciting Year Ahead of Us!

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At the end of 2016, we inaugurated our new plant. Our premises have been doubled, thus providing enough space for our new developments. In the upcoming months, we will present to you our brand new articles that will diversify and broaden the scope of our products so that you could recommend the most special and unique printing processes to your customers. Our aim with mechanization was to achieve and guarantee an even higher quality as well as cost optimization


We are thrilled to present to you one of our most anticipated developments, our rigid box machine that we recommend especially for the packaging of high-end products and board games.



What is a rigid box machine?

A rigid box machine is a piece of equipment with the help of which we can manufacture premium quality rigid boxes – boxes that earlier we had been able to produce only manually. This machine can manufacture as many as 2,000 box panels per hour, which means that we can offer a much higher quality in much shorter time.

What are the advantages of products manufactured by a rigid box machine?

  • It is extremely useful from the perspective of goods protection because the sides of the boxes are entirely rigid.
  • They blend the favourable qualities of carton boxes and cardboard boxes as they come with rigid sides and a smooth surface.
  • Thanks to their marvellous edges and smoothness, the boxes are perfect for packaging high-end products.
  • Various surface treatment procedures can be applied to them (e.g. emboss, structural emboss, etc.)

What types of products can be manufactured with this machine?

The rigid box machine makes it possible to produce various constructions. From the end of March, we started producing base and lid boxes.

In which case do you recommend the base and lid rigid boxes?

We can manufacture the base and lid boxes in various sizes and basic material thickness, thus providing appropriate packaging for top-of-the-range products: chocolate, watches, perfumes and beverages. We recommend it for any product where a unique appearance, premium quality, durability and the sensation of luxury are important.

How will this technological development affect the price of the product?

We had been in the production of base and lid rigid boxes for years. Typically, we had manufactured these products with the help of suppliers. Thanks to the mechanization, we can not only improve quality, but we can also offer more favourable prices and shorter lead times.

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To request an offer and for more information, please contact our colleague Ms. Csilla Dulai at the following e-mail address:

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