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NOW without any initial cost!

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  • Do you need small quantity of high quality (machine made) top and bottom box?
  • Do you want large varieties of packaging selection?
  • Are the costs and the largest possible savings important for you?

Keskeny Printhouse NOW offers 12 different sizes of top and bottom constructions, without having to pay any initial cost (tool costs). Your product will have high quality packaging. You can save considerable amount of money.

What does it mean?

The production of top and bottom boxes by using the Rigid box machine requires a tool consisting of multiple parts, the cost of which usually shall be borne by the clients. Depending on the size of the box, the cost of this tool may be as high as: EUR 325.

So, we would like to help our clients and offer cheaper premium category packagings produced by the new Rigid box machine.
NOW we offer these top and bottom boxes in 12 different sizes without having to pay any tooling cost!

Which are these 12 sizes?

We tried to choose these 13 sizes of packaging to cover the largest range of products. Of course, if you need custom size boxes, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will design the ideal packaging for your product.

rigid box 12 standard size

You can download the standard sizes pdf verison form here

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