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Floresk Design / Veszteg Virág

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Floresk Design / Veszteg Virág

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I am Virág Veszteg Freelance Graphic Designer. As an introduction, I would like to share the values I believe in.


Beyond the importance of trust in each other, I believe that beauty can influence the most basic human feelings: Good design builds trust, and trust leads to success.

Experimentation & Creativity

During the 5-year-long master’s degree studies in graphic arts at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, experimentation has become a part of my life, which still permeates my work, so I always strive for something new, unique and creative.


Before I start designing we got over a lot of questions and I ask my Clients to share their ideas in detail, to walk me through the background and goals of the project. All this so that I can accurately understand the essence of the task and thus give the best possible visual answer to it.

Creating Values

It’s incredibly motivating and inspiring for me to design graphics for an object or a topic that is useful and brings joy. Such as a beautifully illustrated and laid-out storybook or baby diary, but you can also think of a responsive website designed in a user-friendly way.

Practice & Experience

Nearly 3 years of experience at an advertising agency has taught me how to combine creativity with practical knowledge so prepress is not a problem. Internship in digital and offset print-houses also helped in this field.


I find those collaborations where the Parties mutually respect and pay attention to each other really fruitful. In my several years of experience as a freelancer, I found that everything can be discussed this way.

If these values are important to you as well, it is worth choosing me to design your next project.

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Floresk Design / Virág Veszteg

Graphic Artist & Designer MA

Instagram: @floreskdesign
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