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Just as in case of many companies, Keskeny Printhouse have some important dates in its life that determine the company’s future. Keskeny Printhouse was founded as a family business in 1986. Árpád Keskeny Sr. and his wife established the company in the ground floor of their family house, with only two printing units, a computer and 7 employees. Creative company management, conscious technological developments and investments, together with hard work brought excellent results and professional success within short time for the founders, and for two members of the younger generation joining the company.

From the beginning of the 2000s the company was already recognized as one of the leading printhouses in Hungary: the growing number of assets and employees required expansion and a new base was established.

The 1th of January, 2004 was the date when we moved to the new building located in Rákospalota, where the company still operates. The company continued to work in a site that is architecturally more suitable for the manufacturing and production processes, the trading and technological diversity: the company improved its assets with state-of-the-art machines for packaging materal manufacturing, box preparation, die cutting, as well as with the introduction of coild foil technology. Currently, Keskeny Printhouse has six printing units and more than 20 other auxiliary equipment, and provides secure living for 200 employees.

In 2016 further expansion and development work began, and by the end of this year the current plant area will be doubled. According to our development plan the new production hall will host machine lines applying advanced technology processes enabling us to fulfil the most extraordinary, most special expectations of our clients.

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