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3D UV varnish in box production

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How to make the packaging of our product even more special?


Using 3D spot UV varnish and hot foil stamping provides a wonderful opportunity to make packaging even more special and unique. With the well-chosen design, the process can be used on the packaging of a variety of products, whether you want to varnish or hot stamp a smaller element or a pattern over a larger area. Below are some of the opportunities which technology provides to give some ideas. At the end of the article, you can also request a 3D UV varnish sample pack to view and feel the possibilities.




Spot UV varnish on packagings

  formalakk alkalmazása a csomagoláson

Instead of detailed graphics it is often more spectacular to highlight a small element with spot UV varnish. In case of the above box, only the logo was printed on the box and it was highlighted with 43 micron varnish. The height of the varnish layer can be adjusted as reuqired. The higher value the micron is the more spectacular the embossment will be.


Combination of spot UV varnish and hot foil stamp


3D UV formalakkozás a táskán


The shape of the paper bag with magnetic closure is also special. With the 3D spot UV varnish surface treatment, the texture of the print was highlighted imitating reptile skin. The metallic effect of the buckle was achieved by the combined use of 3D UV varnish and hot foil.


3D UV varnish and gold hot foil stamping on cardboard boxes


3D UV lakkozás prégfóliával

A cardboard box with a simple graphic can also have a special look by using a combination of 3D spot UV varnish and hot foil. The homogeneous, matte foiled, black sides were coated with 70 microns thick spot UV varnish. Thus, the tree and bird elements stand out beautifully. The glossy metallic hot foil gives an elegant look to the unprinted white or one-color printed surface – available in 8 different colors: gold, silver, bronze, rosegold, red, blue, green and black. The glittering metallic effect is also excellent for carpet patterns or titles and headings.


3d Uv fólia alkalmazása csomagoláson

Another example of the combined application of varnish and hot foil is the box above, where the thin lines with gold foil run around as a frame on the front. On the sides of the box, some elements are highlighted with varnish, making the overall effect more exciting.


Please send us your request for free samples to export@keskenyprint.com
Please indicate the address the sample sheets you wish to sent to.

You can read more about our previous articles on MGI 3D UV varnishing here.

Touch and feel the difference!
Digital 3D UV varnish and hot stamping


If you have any questions about the technology, feel free to contact our colleague:

Katalin Nemes

  Design Egyéb Packaging
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