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Applying silicone tapes and tear strips in Keskeny style

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Innovation in the production of foodstuff packaging and postal boxes!

From now on we are able to apply the different width adhesive tapes and tear strips on the packaging mechanically.


The innovation – simpler and faster solution

Earlier, we applied the adhesive tapes (duplos) manually on the packaging coatings which had to be closed well after loading the goods (e.g. foodstuff, postal packaging). We perforated the tear strips facilitating the opening of the boxes during punching.

Due to the mechanical process we are able to ensure consistently high quality standards, not to mention the fact that we save time and costs for our clients. In case of the adhesive tape, first we apply the adhesive on the surface, and then we place a silicone tape on the adhesive layer. When performing the loading of goods the silicone tape can easily be removed, this way the box can easily be reclosed. Tear strips are applied in a similar way. This way the box doesn’t have to be perforated during punching, but it will be easy to open at the same time. Due to the mechanical process we are able to apply adhesive tapes or tear strips on 10,000 boxes per hour.

The two operations can be applied either together or separately on carton or corrugated products. Applying them together is the ideal solution in case of foodstuff packaging and postal packaging, when the box is closed after loading the goods, and later they want to open it using a tear strip. In addition, mechanical placing of adhesive tapes can be applied in case of other packaging types, dossiers, folders, sleeves, and bands.

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