Did you know,

that we are happy to accept all your orders for business cards, letterheaded paper, note pads, flyers, folders, calendars and all other printed stationery products, regardless of the amount?

...that we produce high quality saddle-stitched or glue-bound brochures as well as hardcover books and albums, using unique surface treatment procedures and cutting-edge finishing technology?

...that our packaging material manufacturing department provides comprehensive services from design to execution and nearly all work processes are carried out in our print shop?

For detailed information please get in touch with our collegues.

Marketing and advertising publications
Eszter Szalai:+36-30-850-5883

Production of packaging materials
József Horváth:+36-30-591-5757

Willkommen bei der Druckerei Keskeny

Wir, Ungarns modernstes Werk für Druck‐ und Verpackungsproduktion stellen uns vor.

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Job submission options


Please always indicate the number of the offer or the order number, as this is the only way to identify which production batch it belongs to.

  • Files sent as e-mail attachments will be received at ctp@keskeny.hu.
  • We only accept files through file transfer applications (eg. WeTransfer, Toldacuccot, MammutMail, etc.), if the download does not require a separate registration. Download links are welcome to ctp@keskeny.hu
  • If you want to submit files via FTP protocol, please contact us at ctp@keskeny.hu for instructions.
  • Offline delivery (eg: CD, DVD, Pendrive) is possible for jobs containing confidential information or for jobs with extreme large file sizes.

In case of an unchanged repeat job

If you wish to use the same file for the current production as before, please indicate this when ordering. In this case, it is not necessary to resubmit the file, as we archive all the production PDF files. We can reuse them at any time, speeding up the pre-press workflow.

Upon request, we can send you the file to be produced by e-mail for approval (as a soft-proof), or you can upload it for identification so that we can check whether the appropriate graphics will be used during the production.

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