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Proofs and swatches

Usually, the means for defining the expected colors in print production are contract proofs (prints meeting or exceeding the ISO 12647-7:2016 criteria) and color samples. During production, these will serve as a color reference – if applicable – for the final setup of the printing machine. It is possible to request a press-proof (production test) before each production.


Contract Proofs

A digital print produced from a submitted graphic file, meeting or exceeding the criteria defined in ISO 12647-7:2016 (properly labeled, measured and verified with a spectrophotometer on an industry standard color wedge, etc.) is considered to be a Contract Proof.

We accept third party contract proofs. We can also produce contract proofs on coated and uncoated proofing substrates. By selecting the appropriate paper, we can simulate the color apperiance of coated and uncoated papers.


Swatches, color samples

The color swatch may be a print from a previous production. If we don’t have an archived sample, the customer will have to provide it.

If we receive a color sample or a proof without a measured media-wedge, we will prepare a so-called control proof. If there is a discrepancy, we will not be able to bring the colors of the submitted sample perfectly. We always inform our customers if this happens.


Deviations from the contract proof

For substrates with a special surface or color:

It is important to keep in mind that proofs do not differentiate between special surface (eg ribbed) and colored substrates. Producing a press-proof (production test) is recommended if a color reference print is required on the same substrate as the final production.

In the case of varnishing or foiling:

LAfter varnishing and/or foiling, the color apperiance of the print can change. It is not possible to simulate the various surface treatment effects on a contract proof. In the case of the need to produce a proof that also takes into account surface treatments, trial production (press-proof) is recommended.

When using Pantone colors:

Ink-Jet proof printers cannot simulate all Pantone colors exactly. To verify these, factory Pantone scales cannot be considered as 100% reliable color references either, as they are fragile and can be inaccurate depending on the quality of manufacture. For accurate color determination, we must use the official digital references of Pantone colors, which can be found in our spectrophotometers used for production and quality control.

In the case of colors printed on a metallized substrate or on white ink:

It is not possible to simulate colors printed on a substrate with a metallized surface (cold foil, printing on a metallized substrate) or on white ink. In our printing house, it is possible to request a digitally printed proof production (“coldfoil proof”) on a metallized surface, but the purpose of this is not to accurately reproduce the colors, but to help evaluate the aesthetic appearance of the final product.



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