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Wir, Ungarns modernstes Werk für Druck‐ und Verpackungsproduktion stellen uns vor.

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For personalization, in addition to the print ready PDF file we kindly request a database with an .xls or .csv extension, sent to the e-mail address ctp@keskeny.hu e-mail címre. This database must contain variable data in one or more columns. The first line of these should be the name of the data in the given column (eg name, address, telephone, EAN, etc.). The variables themselves can be serial numbers, barcodes, names, addresses, phone numbers, and so on. In case of barcodes or QR codes please be sure to specify the type as well (eg: EAN-13).

Fonts and layout:

To determine the exact graphic appearance, please mark the variable data in the copy of the printed PDF file (“viewer” PDF). (When designing graphics, make sure that even the longest variable data has enough space.)

If you use a custom font, please also send the installable fonts too. Fonts must contain all the characters needed for personalization.


The files generated from the received databases are always sent for approval. Please, always review these thoroughly, as this will eliminate any errors or misunderstandings. We can not accept complaints after they have been approved and printed.

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