Did you know,

that we are happy to accept all your orders for business cards, letterheaded paper, note pads, flyers, folders, calendars and all other printed stationery products, regardless of the amount?

...that we produce high quality saddle-stitched or glue-bound brochures as well as hardcover books and albums, using unique surface treatment procedures and cutting-edge finishing technology?

...that our packaging material manufacturing department provides comprehensive services from design to execution and nearly all work processes are carried out in our print shop?

For detailed information please get in touch with our collegues.

Marketing and advertising publications
Eszter Szalai:+36-30-850-5883

Production of packaging materials
József Horváth:+36-30-591-5757

Greetings from the Keskeny Print House

Introducing Hungary’s state-of-the art printing and packaging material manufacturing operation.

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Is it possible to produce printed insert? Is it worth? The answer is yes to both questions.   In Keskeny Printhouse we have been developing packaging technology for more than 10 years. From mass production to luxury products packagings we prepare microwave and cardboard boxes for almost all industries. We are preparing packaging for many products requiring inserts to be applied inside the box, otherwise the product could esaily get damaged or broken. To date,

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From now on, working clocks and watches with unique graphic designs can also be ordered from our printhouse. Clocks and watches are excellent business gifts, for Christmas or anniversaries, or unique commercial articles. They can be customized, personalized with creative graphic solutions. The dial can be designed with your brand colors, and – in addition to various other visual elements – the company’s logo can also be placed on it. Overall dimensions of the clock:

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Hybrid UV Drip Off with rough effect combined with matte UV varnish   We offer one of our proven and popular surface treatment solutions with an added twist. Our clients have long demanded that we increase the matte effect of the grainy and rugged surfaces created with hybrid varnishes. We have developed a solution for full or partial overprinting a second layer of matte UV varnish onto the rugged surface treated with hybrid UV varnish.

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When you order a job with cold foil finish from us until the 1st of September 2016, the cold foil proof will be our free gift, that could help you to check the metallized surface of the planned graphic. Just a dream for a long time – now we’ve made it true! Cold foil requires a special printing technology. Up until now creating a preview of the final product has only been possible through ready-made

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Spined cases with machine gluing     Pioneering the technology in Hungary, Keskeny Printing House offers machine gluing for folders, CD cases, ticket holders and other similar products. It is an efficient and cost-saving solution for large-scale printing. This way we can provide you higher quality products. Ask our designers for help and to find the ideal construction for this technology! Spine thickness may be above 5 mm. The spine must be maximum 5 mm

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          We are renewing. Inside and outside. In Autumn 2016 we started area development and construction works and our site will be expanded by 6500m2! Keskeny Printhouse is developing continuously, its history begun 25 years ago. In the spring of 1987 Árpád Keskeny Sr took over the operation of a loss-making printing trust. The new management, the efficient reorganisation of operation and the hard-working staff driven to do things better helped

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Pioneering the technology in Hungary, Keskeny Printhouse offers machine gluing for folders, CD cases, ticket holders and other similar products. It is an efficient and cost-saving solution if you order the production of your product in large-scale (above 10,000 copies). Ask our designers for help and to find the ideal construction for this technology. Note that the spine must be at least 5 mm and at most 10 mm thick lehet. In machine gluing, the

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STICKERS WHICH MAY BE REMOVED AND REAPPLIED A THOUSAND TIMES “Re-applicable stickers” are manufactured from special materials which are solid, yet flexible at the same time. They can be applied to any surface and later removed without a trace, even after a thousand applications! The grip is secured by small gripping pads. Best used indoors, it’s surface is resistant to scratches and UV radiation. Perfect for any kind of ornamental purpose. Stickers are a popular

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In the last few months, we have significantly expanded our selection of base materials used for postcard production. We are proud to have such first-class materials in stock as the ALGRO DESIGN CARD cardboards, outstanding both in format and quality. OUTSTANDING QUALITY Among the compact and bleached sulphate paperboards (SBS), Algro is the highest quality available on the market today. With their double coated front and single coated back, these materials offer exceptional print quality.

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Brand Council is an independent organization established in Great Britain in 1995. Today it is active in almost 90 countries worldwide. Initiated in Hungary in 2004, the international Superbrands program reached its tenth edition in 2014, with the objective to award only the most distinguished business brands. In 2014, the Business Superbrands Committee used the Bisnode Risk Rating, created by the Bisnode Group, and the yearly income figures to examine and filter almost 4,000 companies.

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